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Gunshots. Two days ago killed Milwaukee. Police officer Matthew winner for the third time in eight months. The Milwaukee police department is mourning the loss of one of its own in the line of duty. George Papa Christie was the Milwaukee police departments chaplain. He joins us on WTMJ. Good morning, sir. Good morning, gene. How are you? We're okay. How's hose the department doing her the people you were talking to doing while as you can imagine, gene? Just like everyone else in the city throughout the country for that matter. I'm devastated. Trying to understand. What's happened just feeling sorrow and heard things I would imagine that there's some anger as well. You know, Jane inevitable anytime, there's a loss of life to unexpected tragedy. What we try and tell officers is to to not dwell in that anger. To call anybody that screaming to not dwell an anger but to release that. So that you can have some healing. Because then you're a prisoner to that anger, and it is not healthy. We are live with Milwaukee police department chaplain. George Papa Kristo and WTMJ. Have you had any occasion with the officers family at all? Gene, we have been what the officers family since this tragedy unfolded myself as along with two liaison officers have been with them every step of the way nonstop supporting them in every way, we can from a department rules and regulations all the things that have to be done in a situation like this FM, a spiritual and from pure support standpoint as well. And there are other support services. Also available to aren't there, George? Yes, walkie police department is is very far ahead of the curve compared to other departments. We have a fantastic wellness team. We like to say there's a three legged stool that keeps on anybody. But in particular police officers on balance on one leg is mental health second-leg is pure support in that third leg is the faith support. So we can offer all three of these. We have a fantastic peer support system. We have in health psychologists, and we also have Chaplaincy program. So we're way ahead of the curve compared to other departments. We are live with Milwaukee. Police department chaplain. George Papa Kristo WTMJ. This is the third such incident in eight months. I would imagine the officers you're talking to or not only morning this most recent death. But also the fact that now that this is becoming so frequent of late. It's it's gotta be just rattling these these men and women to the core of their souls. There's no doubt about that. It been difficult to try and get our people to heal. Obviously three tragic deficit with eight months. We got mad at time to heal from the first loss of Charles Irvine, like a wound that continually becomes opened up. So it's been very very difficult to get our people back on track. But we're doing everything in our power chief Alice's made it very clear that also wellness is a priority on the apartment has endorsed added embraced it. And we're doing everything we can for our folks, I would hope that you were encouraged by what you're seeing in terms of reaction from folks in the streets of Milwaukee throughout the community. In fact, throughout the state is this tragedy unfolds. It's it's becoming all too sadly familiar, but I would hope that you are encouraged by what you're seeing. Oh, there's no question about gene, our officers see that support as they're standing on a corner blocking an intersection for the procession the countless called that are coming in people stopping in to say, Hello. Stopping an officer on the street. It's been increased since our first step in continuing which has been very encouraging. But obviously that miss of this tragedy. The outpouring has been fantastic. And we really thought yesterday with that procession out of the funeral home the procession to the medical examiner's office. Just tremendous outpouring of support that keeps guys going church. Chris do is the impede trip. Joining us live on WTMJ. Our best thoughts your way into all the men and women who serve in their families. Well, we appreciate that. Gene. Jane? Thank you for your time. You bet at seven twenty six WTMJ textures wanna know what they can do to contribute..

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