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Say they've got a few of the virus to contain with as they make their way into the council wants to gain a lap and a half to go Mounsey just about holding on for Mason foster, but Mason foster all over the back of the number forty, four machine. Something I've got to be careful of and I've just noticed turn on mound yet a messy wobble on the inside as well. The tarmac, touch changes for more than shade to another shades obviously knew. Versus old, and they've just got to be wary of that if when this rain is just there as well, it's just lingering traffic contend with. He's going to go for the inside and gets on. So there's a traffic between him now. But how's he sacrificed? His run up the straight. We're on the last lap mound is only Coloma to hold on for his first win. If the season here as we got yellow flags as well at some point of the circuit that's on the exit, turn five Mason foster able to make a move there. Sullivan mound. He's got this one so far align again vied in very, very well as I come to the carousel. Now building up through here, Mason foster looks good food here he looks at the inside call, make the move, stick Davies traffic. There is a traffic Sullivan Mounsey so far holding on Willie, be able to make the movies through traffic as Mason foster. They are absolutely neck and neck. They going down to the last corner. One ago Mason fosters building. He's not going to get good, cannot be run to the line Sullivan mound. She is going to take his first whether the Solomon Mounsey Baynes Mason foster Johnny. Garner's will be smiling doubts as well. Third place for Choi, Jeffrey force eighty Stuart Campbell Ronnie Harris. We should say in fifth place when they all come through. But water final rice. That was for the forty pros, their final track action of the day. Fantastic stuff. Orlando Phillips should be seventy SEA's, Ethan, spark, six, Philip seven, plates and Edmonds. I Harrison McCain on analysis, Andre Volonte time threats Sullivan Mounsey as 'cause we interviewed him because he spoke to us come and get your kid up and we make them a winner. Well, one can James certainly per massive chairs from the mouth of the family is Sullivan came over the line of proud mum, no doubt. Simon Mounsey Israel say going to be extremely pleased. I'm David between forty pros, good results overall Mason.

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