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Most of the time. These guys are like they do so much media when they're at his stage, and they get higher and higher and higher that gets harder to do. And they get a little more selective. Understandably trust me. But just wanna say thank you for making some time for me yesterday. I know he's done in salute metric ton of it in the week leading up. I was very confident. He was gonna win. But I wanted to get him on just the same. Art solicitor. We got they only call me on Skype houses working. He's not ready. Okay. We'll get your just a second. We have him on Skype, by the way. I think is the first time is to cornea has been on Skype with me we've had him on a couple of times. They've all been. On the phone. So it'll be a fun little I when we get him. What ends lots to talk about what Mr. Cormet not least of which is that. There's the whole steeping thing looming out there. Dana white telling TMZ sports, he ate retiring. He's got that injury. Apparently that he revealed on Twitter and by the way came Velazquez find this weekend. So there is a lot to get through there as well. Hopefully will get him on here in just a minute. Yes. Indeed traffic would else was when that UFC two thirty four car that stood out to be real quickly people complaining about the Sam LV thing. Like, look if you're Salvi I get why you're set because you're like, oh, I wasn't done. Understood. But the referee speaks to the fighter before the fight about what to expect and what they're looking for. I can't imagine any referee. Is ever like, hey, just keep up and you'll be great. Like, that's not a conversation happens. Oh, you know what let me on. We got him. Now actually have Kilbane gasoline staff update. I want to get to little bit later as well. Let's go to him. Now without any further ado, he is the UFC heavyweight champion of the world, the one and only Daniel Cormie look at that. So when the sun's out guns out, I Daniel. Are a Luke as a heavyweight there are guns. There's just five everywhere. I see you. You're even wearing a food hoodie you like pokey. Restaurant..

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