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UV light in sunlight it broke down in seventy two hours, then became inert. And it was safe. Tierney says he first noticed a problem when he developed severe indigestion that took a bite of food. I'd be doubled over with pain is to eat Tom like candy. I ended up going to the doctor. They made the diagnosis that it was non Hodgkin lymphoma tyranny suit uses a new university of Washington study that shows the link between the life of Saint in roundup and cancer. Bayer which now owns Monsanto since two statements one which points to EPA in National Cancer Institute. Studies they say show no link to the cancers and another which says the UW study uses flawed methods and manipulates the data Ryan Harris, KOMO news. A new report finds the kids more than one hundred schools in our state could be exposed to lead in the water at their schools out of nearly two hundred schools tested for lead in the water more than sixty percent had levels above one part per billion. That's according to the report by environment. Washington director Bruce Speights says. According to the American Academy of pediatrics more than twenty four million children are at risk of losing IQ points due to low level lead exposure, he says schools can take preventative steps now including installing filters which are certified in can help to significantly reduce lead into drinking water. The report also recommends schools shut down any taps or faucets. Where lead has been detected Romero, KOMO news. Komo news time six ten sports from the Harley exterior sports desk, we start with college basketball, the first place you at home tonight against Utah. You'll hear it right here on KOMO news. Pre game at seven thirty Toni castricone Jason Hamilton gametime set for eight o'clock, the big match up in college basketball tonight has number eight North Carolina at number one Duke in early on three minutes in the tar heels with an eight to three lead and Duke right now playing without one of its star freshman Zion. Williamson who has made his way to the Duke claw. Room with some type of injury. I don't have any more details on that. But obviously his availability moving forward in this game is going to have a significant impact on it. Mariners baseball tomorrow in the desert the cactus league season getting underway against the Oakland. A's the same club. They'll be playing against the gets to get the regular season underway with those two games. Over in Tokyo later in March, we'll have more sports in thirty minutes. Komo news time is six eleven after years of scandal. And abuse USA gymnastics has yet another new president the fourth in two years covering this for the Washington Post is sports reporter, Liz Clark who spoke with komo's Taylor van Cise. So who is this new President Lee leeann? Started in gymnastics at age seven in New Jersey and roaster the ranks of competitive gymnastics, not the Olympic level, but to a pretty serious level to the point that she got a scholarship to Michigan and competed for Michigan. She is an NBA vice president who has been in charge of to sort of summarize branding, particularly exporting the NBA brand overseas with a special interest in London and China, so she kind of has a foot in both worlds, but her her real credentials are in sports marketing think anybody you walk up to on the street would know what Larry Nassar is in prison for, but why has USA gymnastics burned through four presidents in such a short period of time since that scandal broke burst of the four CEO's. The penny was one who did not report a complaint against Nassar. And so he. For obvious reasons. He's out of a job the second CEO Kerry Perry was really just kind of tone deaf. He was in the job eight months before being ousted and the third CEO was in the job all four days that was Mary Bono of former congress person who had somewhat of a sports background as a child but had worked for a law firm that defended Nassar at one point. So you know, it each turn the prominent Olympic athletes just called USA gymnastics on this and said, you know, you're not making any changes here. You're still not getting an advocate who is committed to us who has committed to our well-being. So now comes MS Leong. And and who who wants to be judged on what she does and not what has happened today. So what sort of unfinished business will young have to wrap up before the twenty twenty Olympics come around in Tokyo as you right? That's only eighteen months away. So on the business side. There's a slew of lawsuits that USA gymnastics is facing the organization is file bankruptcy, which in theory will help them, consolidate. And and resolve these claims, although some people see that it's just a stalling technique to make meaningful change and she wants to take steps and work with the board to to make sure that the entity that protects the safety of athletes from the whole range of abuse. Sexual verbal emotional abuse is fully staffed and properly functioning quite the job ahead of the new president and CEO of USA gymnastics. You can read all about it online at Washington Post dot com. Liz Clark with us from the Washington Post. Thanks, liz. Komo's Taylor van.

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