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At this point president trump says he wants Congress to pass an economic relief package pay road tax relief and protection for hourly wage earners who have to self quarantine the White House says president trump has not been tested despite being near a number of lawmakers who are self quarantining and a couple of other notes we told you our St Patrick's day parade is still on for now but Boston and Dublin have canceled Wednesday's time seven forty nine president trump today presents the medal of freedom to retired four star army general Jack Keane Keane is a Silver Star recipient who led troops in Vietnam and was at the Pentagon on nine eleven the seventy seven year old retired from the army in two thousand three as vice chief of staff he provided oversight for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan right now he's been working as a fox news analyst on Long Island the Suffolk DA will empanel a special grand jury to investigate the death of eight year old Thomas Alva the center Moriches boy who died after being forced to sleep in a freezing garage the boy's father former NYPD officer Michael Val and his fiancee Angela Polina have pleaded not guilty to second degree murder charges the DA now wants a team of prosecutors who are experts in child abuse to investigate the circumstances of Thomas's death also on Long Island Hofstra has suspended a public safety officer who allegedly assaulted a student the victim twenty three year old grad student G. Yang Jiang says the officers slam tickets him against a public safety vehicle grabbed him by the neck and punched him this happened back on February thirteenth after the student's friend got a ticket for smoking on campus hosters will only say that it has taken appropriate steps by suspending the officer a sex cult leader wants another trial and Nexium is Keith Raniere was convicted back in June but now his lawyers say witnesses perjured themselves no comment yet from the US attorney's office Raniere is facing life in prison when since time seven fifty one new and expanded report on traffic.

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