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There's not enough time in the day to talk about the guy that i actually would put third and that's trae lance now. I wouldn't put them there to play it right away. There is definitely a rep experience issued that the gap needs to be filled if you draft this young. Many's by the majority of your preseason snaps this year and probably next year you need a year. One plan probably not to put him on the field. Because he has limited rats high school he was not a high volume thrower. He ran kind of a version of the wing. Tea is north dakota state. A dozen get a ton of starts over his career So you got to build that rep powder but if you wanna talk about shoes personality toughness. It's a cert. I've had him in my office. In here in nashville. I spent the summer with them at leader as a counselor. Here's a kid halloween for the game. Those of you. That don't know anything about north dakota state. Offense of football is as complex as the nfl. They multiple personnel groupings multiple shifts emotions tons a run checks on checks within run checks. Reads are peos. Endless amounts of of information that he had to digest every week. He was a kid that went all their coaches meetings so he acted as a coach even as a young player in college. He's a sponge. he's a break for the game. Football junkie so you add that with all the physical traits and if you went back fifteen years old school evaluation he could be the first pick of the draft cause you drafted off stature traits and how smart they were. It was pretty. That is pretty much that simple you. You would just chalk him up. Because he's as physically gifted as any of them his stature as big as the strongest arm of the group that could add the context of. He's as good. A learner is good as teammate. Go as anybody in the draft. You know go final. Think jones because we were around mag jones a little bit doing the process. You know about meg jones and the success. Are you surprised. By the success. That he's been able to have his final season alabama. I'm really not one because you know i. I've always says quarterbacks is that as dependent of position as anybody as any position sport. Yes it's important. Yes it's impactful but it's also very dependent so he's has a lot of good players around him to help him. Look good and i thought sark didn't incredible job of evolving. The offense around his skill set allowed him to do more where he could throw the ball on time he can play within the structure. The offense niki use his brain to get advantageous match. And one of the great things. Ballot obama's offense. This year is how how matt jones ran the show. He processed location and small amounts of time was able to find their match ups that created the biggest disadvantages for him. He was highly precise is a thrower. He's got very good. Throwing talent he wear he lacks is the ability to play second reaction football. So if you're drafting him you need to draft him to a situation where you're going to be more of an operator. You're going to operate the offense. You're going to have a lot of keys. The line of scrimmage to get into the best plays. He's as good as athlete peyton manning. he's as good as athlete. Is tom brady He needs to play that style of offense if he is if. That's your plan for him. Then he's a first round pick 'cause he has first round mental traits and throwing traits. But if you're gonna ask him to do something that he can't do well then you're making a mistake. So this is one of those drafts. Where the gm head coach coordinator all have to be some product on. You're going to ask him to do if you put him..

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