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He actually took accountability and made the changes that you needed to make in order for you to help the boys so they can help themselves. And i thought that was such a powerful thing that you did and i think you creating. This program is dope. Makes me smile. Every time. I go it on my instagram time line and i see you and your boys and i see again how you talk to them how you encourage them. All of that is so beautiful. And i want us to see more black men in that you know being sprayed. I want to see that go viral. More often right because so much is not to me especially right now. This political climate is very anti-black male. Right and i think it's important and they're telling us black men aren't nurturing yet on watching you with your boys. Supporting the nurturing doesn't have to be hugs and kisses by the way everybody thinks that know nursing does not have to be hugs and kisses nurturing his supporting them and helping them copa situation and began to build. Thank you so much for joining us. I appreciate you and this is one of those interviews. Wild learned a lot. Because i because again there isn't much conversation a perspective. And you're the first time i've ever seen it so do continue the great work. You've got to dispel myths to miss. Were bugging me too. Man is terrible. It's but you know i. I stopped interacting with those conversations. I just let the people get their reach tweets and likes and one of the things you mentioned is that you have a people donate so people can your approach to be affordable for anyone and. I think that's really the. I donate us every time i get a chance hours. Donate i don't know if you notice any amount of anyone's interested in sponsoring a boy They can send any amount to our cash app which cash sign j j. Jim academy and jim is g. y. M. or they can go to our website. www dot j. j. jim account amee dot com forward slash sponsors and they can read about the sponsorships and the.

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