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Journal. Next hour about his new book called black boom. The filing from special counsel John Durham says lawyers for the Clinton campaign played a technology company to infiltrate service, belonging to the Trump Tower, later White House, in order to establish an inference and narrative to bring government agencies linking Donald Trump to Russia. The current case hinges on whether a man named sussman, attorney, the Hillary campaign, Michael sussman, then at Perkins coy law firm, was honest about his work. For the Clinton campaign. You see he went to the FBI as a concerned citizen. And said, does all this stuff I have? And didn't disclose he was working for Hillary. John Dunn Lele at the Washington examiner posted a copy of the Durham filing. Which laid out the alleged effort by mister sussman and others to tie Trump to the Russian alpha bank by harvesting Internet data from Trump and even The White House and then selectively disclosing it to government officials. As set forth in the indictment, less than two months before the presidential election, the defendant, referring to assessment, met with the FBI general counsel, FBI headquarters, provided the general counter with purported data and white papers that allegedly demonstrated a covert communications channel between the Trump organization and a Russian bank. Ergo, Donald Trump was engaging in collision. More on that in just a second. Not a zero, nanosecond devoted to coverage of this on ABC NBC CBS CNN MSNBC in prime.

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