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Skyrocket. As some would have you believe in the media? For political purposes. Mostly the daily death count is going down, and that's including in the US, and by the way of the Surge of Corona virus can just found this out today. The CDC themselves, said. That they're counting both people who are testing positive for covert 19 and those who have the antigens are the antibodies for covert. In other words, They've been exposed to it and never got the virus there, Counting both those numbers in the new cases. I wonder how much of that shit canneries going on in Ohio and Kentucky and the Tri state, But I die aggress. It's wonderful to be with you as always. I have a question. Has AH! We, uh we get into the conversation tonight. And you can respond to this if you like. If you've got a good 15137491 7808 for 3 to 4 for one. This came up partially because I was talking with a Terran bland, who's a producer in the building. And he reminded me of some good advice. So the question to you is what's the best advice? Sage advice Anyone's ever given you It could be your father. An uncle. It could be. I don't know a significant other Or just a friend. What's the best advice anyone's ever given you the most profound advice, and Terence said. Andi, I think this came from a hip hop song because Terrence in tow into music, big time and his advice was you can't go 50 50 with no ho And I think that's excellent advice. I think that's something that everyone should ponder. Consider. So if you've got one, if you've got a piece of advice someone has given you through the years. Or maybe recently and you'd like to share that with us. Please feel free to dial and Dave do you have? Do you have advice? What's that? Charge the mound. Take the bat. I knew would have to be a baseball or sports related thing with the sheriff. Which is fine. It's good and anything's open for discussion. As long as you can say it on the air. But I thought Terence advice. TerreBlanche advice was very, very profound. Because if you think about it, it's true. You can't go 50 50 with no home. First, Let's talk to Chris and Westchester. How you doing, Chris? Goodbye for you, my friend. Do you have any piece of sage advice that someone has given you that you'd like to share with the audience? What Kiss. You can keep it simple, stupid. Ah Lovett. That's great. That's so is that what the rock band was named after? It wasn't knights in Satan's service. It was actually keep it simple, stupid. Probably had no idea, David. You know what? That one can't do The time. Don't do the time. I mean, that's good. Not only my friend Joe, my friend Joe Webb, Who's the propriety of webs barbecue a Newport and they flourish and there only open one day a week on Fridays, and they've They've lasted throughout the whole Cove it 19 nonsense. Hey, told me once he was used to be a neighbor of mine. He told me, he said, Jerry, Jeff, if it's round, let it roll. And I think that's great advice. Score. Leave it there. Yeah, That's exactly it. Chris. What? What's on your mind? Outside of my silly topic you did today. Take Kentucky's economy, not mature. Packager there. Number one you know was closed, of course, were restricted. By of course, the guy but we're allowed in huddles were allowed to have 50 people in at one time. We didn't come close. But you know what? Before this happened before the scammed Emmick. I mean the pandemic. You know if we had 50 people at once in the bar, That's a pretty darn good day for us. Every time I've ever been, I think the most I've ever counted with 15 made maybe 20. No, no, during the daytime. Yes, This is true. If youve got 15 or 20 people, I mean, there just simply aren't that many day drinkers as there used to be, because Because most of them passed away at an early age from from cirrhosis of the liver. Just be another talking about our economy in storage, But I still don't understand how that he's saying, You know, you need to go to your local businesses and you need to go go back out and go back to the restaurant and I keep telling myself what money do you shut the country down for four months told everybody know, work knowing don't know nothing. Now you're telling them to go into debt even more because they're supposed to go follow the example of the federal government. That's what everyone should do is go deeper into debt with the money. They don't have sure. That's what it feels like. They don't want us to do it. Okay, Well, now we want you to go back out and spend more money. And you know you don't have any, You know, haven't had an income for several months, but that's about it. We got you. I understand. It is ridiculous. Chris before I let you go, and we got other people standing by my friend Doug and Ripley gave me some advice. And it is that when you come to the fork in the road, take it. And so we shall let's go to burning and Hyde Park has been patient up to handle. Hang on through all of this. The subject racism as a public health issue. Hello, Bernie. It's Murray. Oh, Murray Murray. Ah, Well, that's advice. I was given. Pull your pants up. Turn your head around and get a job. Stupid. So that would be that's good. I like that. Yeah, just just briefly. Apparently, we're going to be voted on in the county of racism, becoming a public health issue I would and research just today. Apparently there was a community in Wisconsin buried this a year ago, right? And I was looking at the criteria of what happened because it was one of the most segregated cities in the United States. And it all played out to, uh, in terms of quality housing opportunities, Job opportunities. Ah medical care. And I backing us out digging affirmative action. Yeah. Uh, that's Section eight housing The fact of the man that Medicaid and one other but it's everything we've already done for the last 50 years. Yeah, And obviously there are still disparities. There will always be disparities among individuals, regardless of your ethnicity, because some people will just try harder than others. Some people have have other obstacles besides the color of their skin to get over like it could be. It could be laziness. It could be alcoholism. It could be just a lack of ambition. It could be the government interfering and telling them that they don't Have to do anything for themselves. And this is this is across all ethnicity. But here and here in every neighbourhood, it's not about a black white thing here. Now, Here's the rub in this to make this a public health issue..

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