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So you're using your stuff up as you need to do it. But we were generating one hundred and forty four percent of our consumption for the first three or four days this week, which is impressive is incredible. We had a few clouds hanging around. But that doesn't matter. No. Actually, it doesn't matter. You know, you can watch it on your phone. You can you can see when the clouds. Well, Linden winning the clouds, and it is just an absolute gas in some of the things I'm gonna do is if anybody needs any information about that. I'm going to go ahead and put to put as splash page together to put the contacts and so on and so forth on that. And if I can figure out how to get my IT guy to post some of these graphs, I'm gonna share the stuff out. So the meantime, we're probably going to put on the Facebook page, which brings me to announcement number two. Okay. Which is I'm turning sixty five. Okay. And I've learned a few things over the past sixty five years one of which is how to celebrate. And one of the things that we're going to do is we're going to be having an open house every Friday, the exception of the last Friday in may, which is comes on. It's too close to Memorial Day. Yeah. So but the first four Fridays, and may we're going to be open from eight or nine in the morning until twelve or one in the afternoon, we haven't really decided precisely on the times yet. And we're going to be doing lectures in the morning. A couple lectures for unvarying topics mostly anti-aging, which is appropriate to turning sixty five and then we're gonna be offering people the opportunity to figure out what types of nutraceutical they need for their situation. And I'll be there, you know, people spend five or ten minutes with people and go ahead and set them up, and if they sign up for the auto ship, they get a discount on that. They get a discount on the discount, and we're gonna have other sorts of things available for folks as they come through. So it's going to be one of these. It's almost like a Memorial Day sale, except it's lasting all month. You know, why not? And then the very last thing. Okay. Is if you're I don't care what your ages. I don't care how young your. I don't care. How old you are? But go on social security's website and open up a my social security account with them. Because if you don't somebody's gonna heck in and do it for you, and they can steal bits and pieces of your identity fairly easily because they did it to me. We give out the advice on this show. You give it out. I just learned it that you go with a Medicare plan. Yes. And a Medicare Part B plan and a different company for your prescriptions your pharmacy. Yes. I opened this week. And I wish we had a TV camera in here because actually I should have run in from the car to show it to you and brag. But it proves you. So right, everybody in this audience us down for a very short period of time during my one year slumber. I was in a hospital, let's say up near mid floor. I was in there for a very few days. I just got the settlement Bill nine hundred ninety nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine dollars and ninety nine cents. One penny short of a million dollars. Okay. For being there are very few days. The copay the copay was one thousand seven hundred thirty five. Yes. The coverage from b was one thousand seven hundred thirty five. Yes. Do from the patient zero. Right. Thank you. Dr Klein there you go a million dollars. Are you kidding me? That's what you get for. How many hospitals is? I am totally over six months. Yeah. They they get tired of your one place, and they moved on to the next hour. How did they get one penny? Short highly never seen that figure. I kept looking at that going. I wasn't. How many nines are there? Well, I think probably what happens if it hits a million bucks. They have to get off who the hell knows. However. So the trick here. Okay. And I've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars out of money out of my pocket doing public service announcements on this topic. Okay. And that's that you open up. She open up this account. Do what you need to do. That's fine. But you need to do two things to guarantee that you're.

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