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The robot has because. Here's a small scraping just a little tiny bit role in the house. No nothing that's why it's a middle school crush taryn middle school crush because the middle school crush. Hopefully god willing not look at this point whenever we hear somebody say that stuff in their in their Preseason interviews we just need to just peg them immediately as people that are going to be in a show. Because i can't i. Can't you guys how many times we've heard that. And then the next thing you know the feeds come up. And then they are snuggled up under the covers. So yeah do we like hearing it from otta or do you think that maybe that julie should say to whitney so whitney. What do you think happens to you in the house and she could talk about. That was like well. What if i told you that. One of the houseguests had a middle school crush on somebody that you were snuggling with too much. Let's put up on. The screen is a right there. See that that was. That was the middle school crush. She's a glare at you and example like oh it all make sense. Yes video on the screen. Her massaging his hands on doing the have cloud this where it all went wrong. Whitney prime big screen. They might as well. Just start doing exposes. Like i mean. They were so happy with the committee last year. Let's just amp up the ante. Let's just playing clips you. We got it. The royal flush reveal tonight. The royal flush is officially the new committee. Here of light years the royal much and then. I should've known i knew derek working together. Yes and we have a. We have another drop here. yes another job brittany o. Down down So that's another up. We are now down to five elissa. Derek x tiffany aasa and exhibit hanging in there k. Anybody working like they could be next to go. Not really all of them. Pretty solid again. I mean eggs. Xavier is moving around a lot more. But that's pretty typical for a guy of his size again. I expect that he can go bar but can he beat these other smaller players unlikely but not impossible also. I don't know that he wants to win. This so i wouldn't be surprised if executor was going to come down sometime in the next ten to twenty minutes I didn't say that it looks like tiffany. Is playing peter pan in like a community theater production of peter pan green ensure the greenhouse. With what looks like it. Looks like it could be that red feather that he the leggings black leggings. Now.

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