Dr Emmanuel, Manya, Dr Ezekiel discussed on The Breakfast Club


Will pop out on the ad what day does come it's really gonna be on my goodness all right well that is your front page news now we come back we have Dr Emmanuel joining us explain to people Dr Emmanuel is showing Dr Ezekiel Emanuel man he's actually a very interesting person and it just dawned on me that that is Rahm Emanuel former manager cargo around the menu and a Hollywood agent ari Emanuel's brother and I mean that these the kill Manya we was on our email to show together then you know Dr Ezekiel he he advises Joe Biden and a few others very well renowned doctor so he's somebody that we can we can talk to in this ever changing you know coronavirus episode that we're in with things changing every day is always new information I just feel like it's good to have these medical professionals on as much as we can to to give to people up to date all right well we'll talk to him when we come back said movies the breakfast club the morning breakfast here's the latest New York coronavirus update from the seven ten W. a Y. newsroom former mayor Michael Bloomberg has been put in charge of New York's tracing program the goal is to prevent the spread by tracking down everyone who came in contact with an infected patient governor Murphy slamming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell after McConnell suggested letting some states go bankrupt come on man that is completely and utterly irresponsible mayor blossom reporting real progress he says I see you admissions in the city are down stay tuned for more on corona virus from I heart radio New York.

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