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Want to learn how to win championships that trophy went around and everybody got to kiss that trophy? And it was it was unbelievable. Ascott champion. I would love to see defense go out and make a statement. You know that sets the tone for the entire football game time day June wisdom from forty nine Super Bowl champion. With Gary and Larry. It's not Gary Larry drew harbor. Kevin Franson in for the boys and yes Super Bowl champion Dennis Brown. Very kind of him to join us this morning as we get ready for the forty Niners and bears this weekend. Dennis. How are you, sir? It's very good to talk to you. I'm doing well. Happy happy holidays. Happy holidays to forty Niners have an opportunity to get three in a row, which is unbelievable and Dennis. I just want to start off by asking you some similar. I asked him right about Nick Mullins and his confidence level, especially the last couple of weeks. What's the one thing that you've noticed it's different from Nick in the last couple of games and you have in in his previous. Well, you know, when you talk about Nick Mullins. You know, we're still talking about third string quarterback. But he he's got that confidence. It's ever been to any of the press conferences after the game. He goes to the podium. He just kinda you kinda feel like, you know, he's he's in charge. He's got that leadership quality and on the field again game we were going. Oh, jeez. You know, this is a trigger string quarterback last week. He's really kind of feels like he's running that understands that offense. And he feels like he's to me at least, and he's very comfortable in that often said, you know, the raider game was was. Raider defense. But this this Sierra. Got a tough time. And then he kinda rebound and he had a fantastic game. I thought he just like he is a quarterback he understands this offense. Works. Really well. So I'm impressed with them. Of course after wigs back-to-back still great about your quarterback. Right. You know? I think he's a guy that now he's he's got credibility. And he's he's really stunt. When you look at like, a guy like CJ Beathard, you know, the two huge sample size. He has in both years. Are I feel like this year, especially he takes over after Jimmy G? Right. And there's a little bit of a pressure. There's a little bit of a down from the whole thing. And we always talked about his toughness. Now, we're seeing with Nick Mullins. He's tough. He gets lit up. But he's delivering a ball. And it's getting caught is that a is that fair to say like, we're we're seeing not just him getting drilled but him completing passes while getting drilled is a big difference between those two. Yeah. He's prisons in the pocket is is huge. And you know, my question is what do you do it in a mold is, you know, you know? He he's so so high. Somebody you put up on the trading block somebody you say, hey, can we get a bit round pick for this guy or just gonna say our third? Quarterback. Do we could him out there? So I think it's going to be interested in the team does. Into the off-season. She's up strong. What would you do? I don't know. Synthesizes up. I'd like a Nick. But again, you know, coach shannahan kinda went out. It sounds better. He thought he was going to be. There was going to be a strong. You know? If something happens to your quarterback is. Wins and losses. Feels like McMullan's is a guy you wanna keep on your schoolwork. As a back up. And I think he's gonna earn the white kind of site for the second round. Please omi. Oh that seconds quarterback on your on your team. But again, this is a team. That's something, you know. Guide and now you can say. This guy can do you know, what can we get for him? So it's going to be interesting to see what happens the next two weeks. And then of course, you know, the off season. Now, here's my question. He done for the rest of the day was. I think he would stay with Nick Mullins. I know that Shanahan is loyal to CJ. But the one thing that I've described CJ as when I watch him is that he's tough while the last week against the Seahawks. I saw Nick Mullins take massive hits. And like Franson was saying they've been he's completing passes. I think I think the fan base. Dennis was so famished for something positive to happen this year. Nick Mullins is giving that fan base exactly what they wanted last couple of weeks. Yeah. You're you're exactly right. And it's like losses in Jimmy Garoppolo Tabin. I mean. People get fired up in. It's good to see the last couple of weeks before two weeks ago, the energy level was very low after that. Stadium. You know last third, but I'm sure, you know, come Sunday again the fair basis that it'd be fired up. So. Wins and losses, and he's delivered to last week was the big way because. Seattle for. Inches about. And. Struggled up in Seattle weeks before that. Good defense played great. But also was able to put some points on the board. Then is when you look at the bears defense that they're going up against in. And obviously, I think it's easy to say that the goal is to keep you know, Nick Mullins upright that's on the offensive line. What's gonna be the biggest challenge for them? Is it clear MAC or is it just the entire the entire front? Stephan. Well, it's going to be because he's such an aggressive pass rusher. And he's a guy that you're since he's come on this. I mean, this defense is taken up two or three notches because he no he he's a guy that can take over the football game. And that energy. Kinda filters down to the rest of the decent. So you know, it's gonna be a another challenge. He's gotta play. You know, what you create against Khalil Mack is going to give his place, you know? You have to make sure and take over the football game. So it's gonna be a challenge for the offensive line played great. You know a little bit. In the middle there. They get step in the middle. But I think in the outside the edges where Chicago's gonna bring the toughest Russia's it's going to be Joe stay leeann. Another game. You know, the that gets the ball out of hand quick. So you gotta go to work again plan. George kiddle worked at middle. Embiid Dante Pettis which is going great all right now late in the football season. He's healthy. William. Vertically on on the decent. So I think it's gonna come down to your game plan George killed. Khalil mack. Or, you know, scrimmage. Aslan is little better than hurt the middle. Do you think kettle goes off this weekend because he's gotten he's created so much space the last couple of weeks for me, especially in that first half against Denver. I just wonder what his what is productive is going to be like against the spirit defense. That's third in the league. Well, you gotta you gotta it's gonna be a Nick Mullins. But you gotta you gotta get your mismatches. George kettle. Coverage easy or. Take advantage of that. Which is good in the game about the mismatches. And I think it'll teams are looking at George. He's a pro bowler. Now, so. He's gonna get to get double team. But now this opens up, you know, marquees Goodwin or are Pettus a critically on the outside. So. That's what that's what football is about. It's about the game plan matches. When you look at the defense. I mean is it on deforest Buckner in or is it the edge guys? And making sure that Mitchell Trubisky doesn't get outside the pocket were obviously he's made some success. This year had some success. Yeah. You gotta keep your contain. And to force. Seasons. Now armstead. He's gotta sit there. Hard edge currencies marchers. Let this outside and make close down the field. So you that I think is coming together. I think Eric garner is to resign. Thomas's plan better football us getting some some reps on the inside. So I I think that that is a special group. I think they're coming together. I think the pressure is going to be there. And I think the force is going be the force. He's going to keep pressure up the middle. Yeah. I think divorce should have got elected to the Pro Bowl. Not an alternate up's still irritated about that. Well, you know, I it's it's you he's going to have more opportunities fantastic second year guy. He's just gotta turn. But he's got to understand that this is football. You'd have to be consistent puts it put together another Caesar. He's gonna go to many people are pro bowls. When you look at you know, this bears offense. And you know, there's the go-to guy who I mean, who would you say it is getting it changes every week. Yeah. And you know. Be. Well, and they're going to be tested again. And it's important to have sticky. Coverage physical have to tackle. I mean, I I love watching these young guys. Marcel oversell help yourself Harrison more and those guys are the secondary has been different every football. So last week. Another combination combination that played really well because they are very physical and they're on with their Siamese coverage Suarez. And it's going to be another test because you know, the next two weeks you'll get forty Niners defense, which what to do is you want to turn them down the seal. So these young guys. Play. Well, and. About four weeks ago. You know, he's looking who's gonna move forward next. The Aussies waited. So. The play by play for this football team. We're playing NFL. So I'm excited to see that one of those young guys that you mentioned as before we let you go. I wanna know what you think of the maturation process of Dante Pettis who Kyle's obviously giving high praise to and has a high expectation of Dante for twenty nineteen. Yeah. I mean, he's a second round draft pick in trade up to this guy because of his skill level. And he would be more impactful the country turns that's what he did. So great in college. But now he's got a featuring Martinez. Not really being part of the game plan the last three or four weeks. Dante Pettis elevated this game. Break those big plays. If this guy gets on on what he's got that basketball move. So much separation from defensive backs and once he gets the ball in his hands. You got the ability to make plays down the field. And I I like what he's done. I mean got hurt. Left there. And then he kind of disappeared for a while. He got healthy getting rips and practice, and then he really kinda showed out. I mean, he's he's a guy who can be that big play guy down the field. And I liked the way of. Focused on what he has to do. And you know, he's playing his expectations are super high. And I think he's starting to live up to the little bit. Who's he remind you of? Receivers. Yeah. He he's a quick scrimmage. He's got good hands. Vision down the field an open field. You know, he hard to tackle. I mean, I can't compare that anybody right now because his NFL career, but he's got to be a good guy. The guy that you can kinda featuring your offense. Dennis. Thank you so much for joining us today, sir is going to be a wild weekend. A happy holidays to you. We appreciate your time. Thank you, sir. Denis areas, we're both champion. Dennis brown's. It'd be a wild weekend. Chicago Bears at Levi's..

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