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And as ever if you like what we see please let others know so they can find us too so today. I'm joined by Paul. Hello and exciting moment in podcast. History we have to speak to people in the outside world and special guest. Hope you're listening to that Tim and your recording which you also the first time. Imagine no the PEOP- though leaving. I thought we were doing that. Hello something here Giles yes have the time differential and eighty and eighty giles. I saw on the television now. Yes but I don't have all of you on the television did you. Did you make it through to a further round? No no substance. It was ridiculous. Your episode there was a young lady on there and she was getting. How do you spell cat? I thought you did superbly. Well so well done. I thought it was a really good performance. Joel but is there slutty great Any of the year that until now they've had high space runners-up going through and now they suddenly decided to make it southern deaths. So no second chances. Well hardly but well. Then congratulations very very good. It is found. Yeah I and you're always mastermind on this podcast. I'm Richard I understand. I've heard on the grapevine that you've perfected. Y'All toby haydock. Impression was astonishing for an hour and thirteen minutes. Yeah Yeah you'd you'd never know the difference so that sites is it. That's that's live and available to listen to this one being adult but it'll be forgotten. Yes no as we speak. It's doing reasonably well and hope that by later in the week he'll lef- caught on like wildfire but you do as we've established have a unique selling point for this episode is not just another addition boroughs and sparrow together for the first time. They said it couldn't happen. They said it shouldn't happen anyway. We're also recording on the one hundredth birthday of Patrick Triton. Yeah of course we we. We we've a specially engineered by complete accident. Because because Tim was busy yesterday rather nice touches. I'm Richard Perhaps. I thought it would be a good opportunity. This is a lockdown podcast. That you perhaps could reassure the listeners of what happened. I I'm round in one thousand nine hundred nine. Sorry old jokes anymore. Yeah well my my grandfather certainly was alive. Certainly not any longer three three three that particular happy but year. There's a there's a fantastic thing play. Christopher ECCLESTON narrating the common what is called the flu that killed fifty million or something wrong. I watched that a couple of days ago and vaguely Dr Huish Gone Christopher Eccleston and some doctors. So it's still on topic to unplug you. I'll go is from. Yeah this is is more of a support group that focus. I think that's a yes so so bear with listener so so The faceless ones the animation of which came out a week or so ago alley dropped. Three My letterbox. About then So so what I've done. Possibly controversially is a watched the extent episodes one in three and then. I watched animation for everything else afraid that I couldn't bring myself to watch animation of episodes actually existed so so. That's what I've done so hope album is very much. I mean four episodes automation. I think I've probably got flavor of it. Well and eight and they gave you the options to do any which way you want. It didn't then you could watch it with the extent episodes INC or you could watch it all animated or black and white with. Yes it was. It was the full The full options allow they've overcompensated for the Macro Tara. Suddenly frippery is all over the place their record on there as well. There is an average good. I'll have to try that. Yeah almost as if they were having a pop at people not so heavily involved in this production and saying faithful. They were to the original. And there's a there's a pretty good extra on there with with the making of the animation and they keep talking about how faithfully auto and Marine Bossa face has a big track on the shelf behind. Us always impressed with that. That was worth going still book four alone. Remember the big track. You had one you. School probably yes. I only know what you're talking about because I saw you tweet a picture of it. I don't think loader but yes big about couldn't have no completely different didn't have one member Lusty Novus that we wind up. Evil knievel landed that. We're doing yeah. I do doing. Not a stretch Armstrong. I didn't so what do they call? That particular feature. Then Tim exhibitions north on your Nelly. They didn't try to compensate for Macro Sarah by adding an extra bisa business. A custard pies flying through the air in the background no her face to face with the faceless ones all of that connect grand tradition of overly complicated not quite putting. Dvd titles out. There gotTA love so so. I realized all seeing this I had only watched. I think episode one the once which is probably win lost in time came out episode three. I saw probably a couple of times at the panopticon convention in eighty seven when and evil came back and probably also on lost in time. And it's an awful shape is new. It's kind of a bit sad really. Uh Yes yeah. I haven't I haven't checked recently but I think I must have seen if the first one lost in time because coin. Genius fixing these little gaps on the end of airlock is is very clever and you wouldn't know but same. Gumbi said here. There's so many bits missing and I think that specific choice. They made back when they fixed the time. Zoom in on certain doesn't really work because I was hoping my have another now. Look at it for this but I guess they ran out of time or maybe dollar short what they were doing. So so they you know. We're lucky that they publish a sticker on there at all. Yeah Bizarre isn't it? I was very disappointed when they didn't restore it by appreciate. It's not what they're doing. The focus is the focus. Is The the animation? Well I can only assume that that our expert restorer is working on something else. Rather than pit fighter they want some of the episodes. That are too bad to do that. Because it wouldn't bother with three for sure. Nothing one is either. I have so happens. I guess they'll say that's that'll be extra extra bonus stuff for the for the blue as when they know they're going to get another show that's whatever they can employ some point. I guess now so yes unwilling to excuse the justify the the the later so you didn't even see the bits that exist to the faces once before the lost in time. Dvd set was on. That big mop-up vhs set or something where they all know where. Where did they come originally on video? Because I didn't think wherever it wasn't anything so I never saw any power to copies. 'cause you know the the insides the olefins at at leaks out dribbled out over the previous decade hadn't they on various Official releases but they those two. The only one I had was was society man. One with the the wheel in space in moon base episodes. I kind of missed on kind of back into the DVD once asked the VHS ranger cut. I had to help us. Track Suite. H. That instinct. I picked out for them. Yeah I'M GONNA have to check that out from that. I have fun. Memories of seeing some stuffers stuff sophisticated into the BI foy back whenever CNN The NFC back in about nineteen eighteen. One whatever was when they did their little mini festival. Jeremy Bentham programmed to trout and session. There CONC- abominable snowman for the first time and the space pose fully certain. It's not space channel essay. I'm face bows and And so the Sunday join him. Yeah but no. I don't remember seeing faces one's own lady a couple of times them most in time. I think once I've I've kind of gone through the home on audio and I I went to the bay by a couple of weeks back Allowed US via houses and And so the FBI. So is there for the Soviet. Missile condemnation must confess have-nots gone Watching the originals again since it was definitely one of those forgotten stories. Isn't it possibly known more or less than the other season full Ben Paul era but because the book was on the late light later wants to come out. I think you're fills. Liken minority greeted their similarly withdrawals by listen to the soundtrack buy Com couldn't remember in a never seen reconstruction so actually watching this with the animation. It was really a first time. I felt like an experienced a story in any way and I haven't. I could have the odd quibble with with the animation but after say that I enjoyed watching it and I did a decent job of telling the story so so yes so now I feel like I know what I was out last. The animation works better color right for me and the Washington. Black and white I and then in color and I find myself being more wowed by the color. Bits than than distracted by where? The animation doesn't quite work that makes sense. There's more to distract union and immerse you and it was done very well. The color as was the macro Tara as opposed to the power of the daleks which was added in later. But yeah I thought it was. Fine has an animation. My one my one issue. I guess in the realization was was the glimpse that we have of one of the chameleons at the end of the episode one extent. Yes copy the glistening. They covered them in Vassili and they really disgusting soon and that just isn't carried over to the animation where they just rather on menacing and remarkable in my visas. Shame and I don't know what I I don't know what they could have done to make those more threatening more more horrific but other than that quibbles. I'M NOT GONNA. I'M NOT GONNA go on about this but I must be honest. I cannot tell a lie I was disappointed. Animation was expected to have to come. I was expected to come on to defend it because I think always been slightly more keen on them than some of some of us is the beginning of free happy with them more or less than I thought they were getting a very definite output trajectory. Bumped me personally. I think is temporarily quite clearly peaked with the macaroni though it was quite a big step backwards and in most respects and I'm not sure why they might be that the macro Sarah will prove to be the exception operation because it was animated by a different team. They they bought in a whole team anime professional majors in night to do that. And for some reason they decided not to work with them again so identify. They've gone back to software wasn't it? It was the The particular thing that used but Martin Garrity both and Rob Richie did both and marine getting Presley I WANNA get into too much detail because I mean basically would end up like a witch under workout who've up but I just the mission did seem a lot smoother on the military. I was very pleased with and it's gone meant to go back and check and see if if fell jerky remember power dynamics and shot at being but maybe maybe the memory cheats maybe. Maybe it's the macro smoother because that's software. It did something interesting because it's interesting to slutty morph morph but take still animations of because you know they've drawn each character's bodies and faces in several different degre- degree tation from full onto ninety degree full-on forty degrees ninety degrees less of a thing but within that they seem to be using some software that mackerel that allow them to rotate them to get an extra ten fifteen degrees flexibility. And it's quite clever at an extra degree of believability and that transitions and people turn for being too. Suddenly some and it just felt to me when I started watching the faces ones that drop that software like we were back to just a much more primitive flip bump interesting when you pay attention. It is still in there. There's like every few minutes you'll see one scene catch one seeing we'll we'll still be using more subtle former so whether an identity what's happened identify when to faster..

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