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He could write op EDS. He could fund a nonprofit organization like there's tons of work that he could do out there to release center in value. The voices of these women that were victimized, it's, it's like, it's not hard. Like I think that these executive pathways there are there is a pathway, but it actually requires you addressing the concerns of the people that you hurt the most when you don't do that and you try to step back into public life, what it shows you is that you didn't learn anything. You just took a break. You took a long vacation and spend some money somewhere else, and some of your projects went on hiatus, but you're back at it and that's how you think this works. And so it reveals even at a deeper level, the misogyny that characterizes the world view of these men. So it shouldn't be this hard, but it is. And. There is a pathway, but it's hard. And that's the problem. Was just talking to some women comedians about Louis c. k. and you know, we're, we're talking about hell hell he kind of took the initiative and in came back came back way too soon. And he made a bunch of women uncomfortable, you know, and you know, there appears to be an absence of remorse. There, frankly, you know, in, you know, the only consistent answer that I keep getting in relation to this is that you know, I think people consistently say for a lot of these comebacks that it's too soon, right? Because you know, frankly, the metoo movement, you know, it started listening to your ago. I don't think a lot of people realize that it has been less than a year. We do love an of pathway in the culture like we would obviate the service of a male comedian to change the culture. And we would say, you could choose that path and you could be really, really appreciated. But they don't turn towards that path because they actually fundamentally don't value the movement and what me to actually stands for. Yeah. But whenever I would ask that question of myself, you know, what does redemption look like? You know what? What should these comebacks look like? No, my chest would tighten right, and I get really get really pissed off, you know, I didn't. I just didn't want to think about them. You know, I wanted to spend my mental energy and my motions. Thinking about how to map out a path for the victims, and you know, how will they recover their lost opportunities, the lost jobs, lost wages, you know, and who will help them regain their confidence and help them feel safe. Right? Like that's the path that I'd rather spend my mental energy on right now. Why can't they do their own work for them themselves? Why does it always require us moving into their spaces and saying, this is how you respect other people. This is what it looks like. This is not about you. Your your feelings are are not that important here. There is a pathway, but it's not gonna be comfortable. One of the things I'm realizing recently in the space with. My relationship with men in general. I feel sometimes like I'm circling the bottom of a toilet drain with the culture. You have to go as low as possible. How many times do we have to say physical and sexual violence does huge damage in professional and personal settings. We are constantly negotiating are complicit nece with the male ego for our outrage with the male ego. That's that's basically where where I'm at these days. So luckily like at least I can grow from here, right? At least there's places to grow out of this. Like for me personally. And I think for our listeners in our community of sisters and women and advocates that are doing this work, the work is in front of us. And if we do this work now our daughters and our sons, we'll have to do less of it in the future. And that's one of the things that sustains me to continue to show up. I hope you enjoyed this episode and just a friendly reminder that we need all hands on that for this year's midterms, because it's the health that counts volunteer with swing left in help. Put a check on Trump, join us at swing, left dot, org, slash electorate. Nice.

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