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Here. Offer you a treat for the ball already knew said, let me think about it cools wants to meet me apparently talked about. For the beer. Hold the ball reenter. Now, the knows has little value attack. Raisin strong someone. He had a hard SilkAir thing. Pretty quick. I don't care. What money? I'm just. Love it. So he li- hides law student in his thirties at the ballgame. And he picks up this milestone baseball the Tigers in the angels bowl tried to bargain with him and try to make a deal with him. And he said, no, thank you. And not only did he not make a deal. But he also Carl walk out of the ballpark without getting the bowl of thin kated, which is a problem because if at some point whether here is brother decide that they want to actually sell the ball. Now, they can't confirm that it is the ball because it doesn't have that authentification sticker on it. And then after the game when reporters talked Albert pools to get his reaction. This is what he said to Fox Sports west the guys, you know, having a hard time doing about VO he can keep it. You know, I guess minot Cise. Great memories for me. We played this game. You know for their fans thing, you know, as a history that he's gonna have for the rest of his life. And he talked about the moment getting career RBI number two thousand for his special. Through our funds. You know, something that you always wanted to to stuff like this. When you play at home, you know, and doing in front of you home fans, but I'm pretty sure, you know, our fans enjoys much as I enjoyed, you know, there there's something there's a piece oh history that you know, that you're gonna remember and on just got was able to do it today and help our team to win Carl. I love this. I have no problem with anybody. Did he lie hides if he wants to keep the ball? He wants to give it to his brother. He wants to walk out without cashing in tip the cap to him that's his choice. And on our pools aside, you could not have been more classy than Albert what do you think? I would apply. You know, I think Alberts writes, that's the that's his ball the fans, and he has the right to do what he wants to do with it. I don't think that major league baseball. At least the impression I got from the stories that I've read about it where the were going to authenticate it. They weren't gonna do that. So they kind of reminded him you leave here with that ball, and it's not often to catered by major league baseball. No, one will really necessarily no other than you. And those around you, and and those think you're a truth teller that that's the ball Albert hit for two thousand RBI. So be it. That's kind of like it has the value. He knows hides knows what it is. And what a Representative for wants to give it to his great. I remember listening to and I know you did L Alex Rodriguez talked about the negotiation to get a milestone involved for him that Brian Cashman and Randy LeVine. The president of the team involved in it, and it became and became a real financial boon to the guy that had the ball. And this case it didn't feel like L. Oba was pushing it didn't feel like Tigers or the angels where we're going to push their taking their to smell. So sure if I think it ended the way it should end. And I'm the guy had the ball. I think that that he has the right to keep it. I do think that makes baseball whoever offense Cates a ball. And it's from because that's that's the deal. You're all those in the stands..

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