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In many ways that that took place historical park, but one time we'll cut you some slack one time. For fans who are just getting used to getting back in the ballpark with 30,000 plus We can understand it the greater atrocity from Monday I think that many people will agree with this. The city connect uniforms. That were released by Nike released by the San Francisco Giants. Pumped up on the T V broadcast by John Miller and Mike Kruk. Oh, great company men If you haven't seen the picture of John Miller and Mike Kruger, wearing the city connects sweatshirts and the hats Please check that out. Because It is quite something the orange creamsicle color scheme that the Giants are using with these city connect uniforms. I don't know any other way to say it, but It's not attractive. It's not a good look and social media was a blaze. Lot of people very upset with the design that Nike came up with to honor the connection between the Giants in the city of San Francisco that's existed for well over 60 years. And look, I get it. And at first I thought, Okay, This is probably overblown. People are making too much of a big deal about these jerseys. How bad could they possibly be? They're just gonna wear them for a weekend or whatever. You'll forget 2030 years from now that they even wore these jerseys. You'll go back to some highlight, you'll see. Oh yeah, those awful city connect uniforms. They were in those for three days but buried in that press release. Was the note that the Giants to wear these on Tuesday nights at home for the rest of the season. Don't know if I've seen any other team using their city connect uniforms as much as the Giants plan to do during the second half. Look, I think Nike got it right with a few of them. The Chicago White Sox Southside uniforms are sick. Those jerseys are awesome. Those are a great connection between The city of Chicago on the South side. I thought that was really cool. The Serbian these uniforms that the D backs have with the gold look kind of faded, but those were really cool. The city connect uniforms that the Giants have They're worthy of wearing once or twice for the novelty of them, but every Tuesday for the rest of the season. The Giants host the Dodgers on July 27th City connect Giants host the D backs August 10th City connect the Mets August 17th City connect But the final week of the regular season 28th of September they'll be in their city connect jerseys. I I mean, some of the social media commentary was pretty funny, too. I when there was the shop that Nike put out of, like Brandon Crawford, Mauricio Dubon, Buster Posey, Ellis, Anakin, all in the city connect jerseys together. People were saying it looked like half the Giants team had died and gone to heaven. And that's exactly what it look like. I mean, That was tough. That was tough to see. And like I said, I don't think I hate these jerseys as much as everyone else. I love the golden Gate patch on the side. I think that it is nice when you work in an alternate uniform once or twice a season. Few weeks ago on Juneteenth when the Giants war Tribute to the Negro leagues. Those uniforms were awesome. That was exactly what you want. In an alternate jersey, where at once. Great. Honor some history. You are an actual connection with the city of San Francisco that existed 75 years ago. I love that. I would have been totally fine seeing these golden Gate bridge and fog jerseys. Once twice, maybe a whole weekend series like a peacock. Series like they had on T V. We can put up with that. But every Tuesday for the rest of the season come on. Kevin Gausman Giants starter was asked what he thought of the city connect jerseys. After his start on Monday, and he had a pretty good idea. Let's hear it. Yeah, I think it's about 22 weeks ago. Um Yeah. You know, they're super cool. Super unique. Um, you know, I was joking. I think they probably could have made him a little bit more, uh, like loud, You know, I think the fog is a little I think there's just so much more that goes into the city and in the fog, But you know, that's just my personal opinion. I think they should address this up like prisoners at Alcatraz or something like I thought that would have been great. But I don't make those decisions. So you know, but it will be sweet. You know, I think the fans are really like, um like having the orange the go the golden Gate on the sleeve like super cool, and, uh, I think the fans will enjoy seeing Well. Hire Kevin Gausman, Nike hire Kevin Gausman. The fans aren't going to like him. We've already heard that much from the text line 415, pointing out the orange color used on the jerseys of the international orange of the Golden Gate Bridge. Sure, that was Nike's intention. Does that look like the international orange from the Golden Gate Bridge? Sure didn't to me. No. So the city connect jerseys will be a hot topic of conversation around San Francisco this weekend, and then I figured they'd fade. It appears that every Tuesday for the rest of the year It will still be a hot topic. Lot of Giants talk coming up. We're going to keep things focused on the team on what this club needs to do before the All Star break and what we could see later on in July. Some of the concerns have cropped up for me after being down in Phoenix, watching this team closely against the Arizona Diamondbacks over the weekend, Carrie Crowley sitting in for Adam Copeland, you're listening to the leadoff spot can be RD sports leader. NPR one. Oh, 456 80 these sports leader. A better life with Dr Sanjay Gupta. No matter how hard you try, you can't hide your stress from your kids..

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