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And and the other part of it that I also sort of find puzzling some time like be tend to over indexed on hard skills. Hiring candidates rather than the balance between hard schools in SaaS gills, and I think we all know that as a handed mature as a an engineer with chores accompany after the first two or three years at the company, just the hard skills are not necessarily going to be enough in them being able to perform their job. So when you are interviewing only for certain type of profile, oh, they can solve these NFL the make or ending structure per albums. You may be hiring good candidate for the first few years, but they may not do well long. Right. So that that's sort of interesting non-drug is like how do you ensure that one you're being more open to a different supplies different set of candidates that may increase your supply? But also think about a you're judging the performance of the. Candidate itself we process. I don't know if I figured out the great way to do that. But I don't even think that companies have a good way to judge that in the process that we follow. Yeah. I am a bit of data kind of supporting what's has said. So her while in your viewing I o we were. We ran a university hiring program where we were trying to affectively kill career fairs. We ended up sunsetting could make the unit economics work like companies were very invested in career fairs and also like the companies that hire a lot of students tend to have their reset budget. They know that even if they spend it on career Fraser gonna get the headcount of immediate minutes, not like diverse as they want or even if it's not as fishing does they want so just less of a hair on fire problem. But that aside for a while we were on boarding university. Students like crazy, and we were on boarding them from all over the US completely independently where people just fool, and or we noted where people went to school and then later. We looked to see how they performed in practicing. And what we discovered is that there is just not that much difference in performance between students in vary league schools, you know, CMU and Stanford MIT and Caltech another versus know topped your seats and even middle tier states. It was just different. Now. One of I think this speaks to attest earlier, like it's not just about the knowledge the candidate has but some other character. And I think that we ended up with a bit of a self selected group where the students wanted to practice on interviewing IO were little more gritty, right? A little driven and had more initiative than others..

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