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808 31 34 34 That's 808 31 34 34 GOP At 3 35 President Trump and his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden held simultaneous primetime town halls last night, where they faced questions from voters on a range of issues. The town Hall's replaced the second presidential debate after Mr Trump declined to participate virtually. But CBS news chief Washington correspondent Major Garrett thinks the president will take part in the third debate. I expect the president and the former vice president to be there. But if you look back at the history of presidential debates, the third debate has typically the lowest television audience and moves the fewest number of viewers. So the president is missing an enormous opportunity by opting out of the second debate. Jumping back into the 3rd may not give him the moment, um, he needs as for last night's dueling town halls that appears Joe Biden came out on top, at least in terms of ratings. Preliminary numbers from Nielsen Show 13.9 Million viewers tune in to watch the former vice president's Town Hall on ABC. About 13.1 million tuned in to watch Mr Trump's event on NBC, MSNBC and CNBC. These results measure TV viewership only does not include well does include streaming through a set but not other streaming activities. More accurate data will be available later today. It's 3 36 The White House is rejecting Russia's response to a proposed one year extension of a nuclear arms treaty linked with a wider limit on US and Russian weapons. President Vladimir Putin said today that he could go along with a short term, unconditional extension. Hours later, National Security adviser Robert O'Brien called Putin's approach a nonstarter and said he should reevaluate before a costly arms race ensues. Still ahead on TT Open a women's march. They're getting out the vote. This is Kyle Cooper. It's.

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