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The one and two page fastball. Missing to a two Two two strikes to. Mccutchen one out nobody on wanted I think Oakland ahead And a slider just off the outside that. Was beautifully thrown Jackson Starting that one, looked like it was going to. Be ready around the outside corner and then it had the break so. Could be the mccutchen picked up the slider spin on that ball and he laid off Thread to pitch swing and there's a shot to left center field that goes Fowler still going back he looks up the ball is, off the wall right the three. Eighty eight market heading the second is mccutchen and he'll stop there with. A stand up double That was another. Slider that was one that kind of hung right out over the plane He hit that one out of left center with. A the dimensions start. To expand and he hit it where the wall is double height Just to the right of where that ball hit the defense is. Only half as high as where he hid it although I think he's still hit near the top of the lower. Portion of that wall so it wouldn't have gone out one way or the other I hit for the giants in here is Brandon Crawford Crawford he'll fly ball to right his first time really finished up. The Break and a cold spell is he hits the ground ball right to. The first baseman Olsen, who runs into the bag for the answer Crawford is promptly retired and he is over to He had a fly ball to his first time And here comes BUSTER. Posey giants down one nothing in the fourth inning.

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