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You have to do x y z they're gonna do it so what explained the dynamics of prison politics low bit well in in california prisons there's four major prison gangs you have the mexican mafia which is a southern california based prison gang you have western familia which is a northern california prison gang then you have the brotherhood which are white lights premises and then you have the black girl family which the black prison gang now the black guerrilla family which the most powerful black prison gang the seed dc california department corrections they don't control blood and crips on the streets but the mexican mafia controls all the sudan gangs or the latino gangs in los angeles so that's where all the politics comes into play from the latino side so when somebody goes into prison it you have to pick a side racially yeah absolutely like if you went to jail even though you have mexican blood and you you can roll with the mexicans but then you cannot roll with the blacks at all or you can pick the blacks you know so you definitely especially if you're on a level for prison now california has depending on the severity of your crime you go to a level that matches that severity or the number of points you've accumulated as an inmate if you get over sixty points you go to level four or if your crime series you go straight to a level four prison which is the the most severe and level one is the most relaxed if you're the the politics come into play.

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