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At the kentucky speedway continuing under the green flag there's been a challenge in change for the second position happened a moment ago kevin harvick opened the inside lane bypass keller for second so now heart going to take his shot at race leader jeff green harvick beginning to close in another driver on the move is young ashtonlewis junior he is up to the number seven position putting the heat on elton sawyer right now as they hit the start finish line that is the battle force six place louis looking down to the inside they come up on lap traffic and turn one move on your he's about a carleen to the half behind l do no work his way the rice jack is no exit turnover too in that battle hits the back stretch ashtonlewis junior is pulled within another car length so make it about two and a half car lengths back still single file though now louisville take a look down to the inside as they exit for the come off the corner now ashtonlewis trying to write his season they've had five d n f so far this season all of them with accidents right now ashton having a good run he's trying to close in on elton sawyer battled for the lead titans up turned to down the back straightaway jeff green some company paul bartholomew absolutely kevin harvick right behind it within about a car length and a half they'll both race down to the bottom of the racetrack and head toward you harvard glued right on the back bumper of jeff green ford versus chevrolet the battlefield lead as a cruise past the start finish line harvard gets even a little bit closer right up onto that rear spoiler to one push shift green up to racetrack one group but now kevin harvick will move to the outside he's going to work his way up alongside jeff green down the backstretch he'll pick up a little bit of a draft and take a peek down to the inside they head into three but from floor traffic though shane hall machine you'll have to both work down to the inside of it tight squeeze there's the race leader's go under shane hall closing in on marty houston as they come across the start finish line first car to make a move for green flag pitstops is joe rutland rutland now down the pit lane he will get service this coming at lap sixty five so that is the story there for joe revenue comes down the pit lane looks like there's a problem for jason keller i believe he's out of gas keller is off the pace turn before the third place driver is off the pace out of gas shaking the car back and forth is coming down the pit lane forty five miles an hour now we'll cover keller stop here comes randy lajoie he too is making the move to pit road but an awfully long drive down the pit lane for jason keller who still is yet to be in his pit stall jason toy jason killer out of you'll making his way down on pit road slowly down when i not to worry about the speed limit as he hitches mark the car is not fired yet that i thank unocal seventy six racing gasoline goes in one fire it does not fire again right side tires already on swing the left side jason keller still trying to turn the motor over did not hit a crank up the second appeal goes in the shaking the.

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