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He is the man. Hi, Eric. This is question number three. I am listening to your interview with Michael wilkerson on my iPhone using the Apple app. Using the Apple app. That's your first mistake, okay? I have heard two PSAs for COVID boosters during this interview. I am positive that this was not your idea. Just giving you a heads up, love your show and your stance for the truth. A woman named joy wrote that. Well, that some of this stuff, I guess I have to find it funny. You're listening to my show as a podcast and you're just going to get whatever. Everybody knows my stance on the vaccines. I've lost friends over this. I said early on, not early enough. I wouldn't get this, I wouldn't get these vaccines. The information that I was getting on them was just not good. Plus, they overplayed COVID. I mean, they would not give you the things that could make you better so people initially were dying. They were like, look, people are dying. We need the vaccine. Anyway, you know the whole story. But if you're listening to this as a podcast on Apple podcasts or wherever you're listening, I don't know what they're going to play for ads, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I'm not in favor of getting the booster, God forbid. If I drop in Bud Light, let us know. Okay, question number four, what do you think of the article in The New York Times that said, U.S. history scores for 8th graders plunge? Is this a result of the pandemic? What do you think can be changed in our school system? Well, most American school systems are not worth dealing with at this point. I would say most people might strong urging to people would be homeschooling or if there's a good classical Christian school in your area. Those are my first strong first and week second choices. There are very few public schools today that have not been infected by the woke virus that have not effectively been destroyed. And so the idea that U.S. history scores rate creators plunge. I mean, certainly the pandemic would have something to do with that. Look, the pandemic thing masking kids up in class. I said it at the time. This is going to be something for generations for decades. We're going to look back on these kids are going to be talking about this for the rest of their lives that stupid, ignorant, usually well meaning parents allowed their kids to go through the trauma of whatever weirdness for nothing. And I'm just here to say, I'm sort of glad that this score is plunged because it's a metric that says, hey, maybe we need to change anything. It is interesting that the question is U.S. history scores. I mean, do they teach USA? You know what? That's exactly what I was thinking exactly the same thing. Like U.S. history, what are they teaching? About it. Maybe we don't want them to the only positive thing that they could mention would be sacagawea..

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