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Not. At the moment there are no dog. Real big dog superheroes and really like it but like goku is closer to marveled and he has to bear. No definitely that goes without saying. I'm excited for this brand steel. I think it's gonna be great and these are definitely the two tribes and also. That's why cats in. Like i clearly could have edited when he was like she was like struggling with it and he was like. Who's your celebrity crush like. I don't think it was based on it. But the fact that he said and then she said she definitely did say it because bankrolls would be helpful loved one. but it's just like it coming off liberty caution so it was really funny. And i loved all i was one in the morning. I was editing. It cannot wait until my. I love your conviction in your yash shannon and like i feel it. So hard like yeah. Yeah yeah exactly how did it. I mimicked him physically put into this. Also it doesn't. It is going to get older all right. Let's keep digging into bear. Grylls moses going to help me so big girls. What food would you sit out of an immunity challenge for. I actually thought about this a lot. And i'm no. I'm no stranger to being hungry and to making a decision to be hungry. I think my in game is not to eat the these be plenty of time to eat. After thirty nine days. I would be more focused on the game. I wouldn't sit up anything. I would totally expect to not sit out now. I know we talked about this with someone else's while but i could see her be like no i'm good. I'm going to keep going considering her previous life experience. It's been an interesting learning experience for me to send through the questions. I've never done anything like this before. This question was a huge fail and we'll be reconsidered going forward because everyone like you do a brand seal people who said they eat and people who said they would and that was not the question but i agree you said conviction was like the main thing i'm like. Can you guess if he's going to choose to sit for why think it's interesting though because i think we're going to get this challenge coming up in the season and so now we get to save. People put their money where their mouth is absolutely go back and say well we felt that we say what would you like. They might bring out that specific food so they if they keep in the game that makes sense if they sit out and they said they wouldn't though we will have the receipts and we'll be happy about it exactly. I also think like in terms of my questions. I was going to say this. The producer had son. Tony really going in central a said what survivor player you are. You must like most relate to and then i feel like our odds are subject to being so straight line objective on people. Want to get the right answer. Like maybe we make it like most relate to. It's like there isn't a right onto like you. Just a vibe from something. I might also workshop and reconsider in thinking. Listen work yeah. Words words make a difference in some ways as these people are about to find out so yeah we hopefully if we are so lucky as to be granted the opportunity to do this in the future. I like us us learning as well just like we talked about you. Learn from your experiences that don't go so well use them as a learning experience and you move forward way. You think we're going to get to do this in the future. Absolutely blasted larue the sector producers his interviewing style and. I was trying to manage it for the last several minutes. Enjoy what have right now. The quoted overexuberance shannon. Yeah my like this clip that out and use it for the soundboard later on superpower. What would it be. And why i think to speak any language in the world that would be the super bowl for me. I'd love to speak multiple languages. How many years wow..

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