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The KFI twenty four hour newsroom. Authorities are searching for a minimum security inmate who may have escaped by stealing a state van at the prison garage where he worked in a bisbo. David hall was reportedly missing Tuesday morning from the California men's colony prison. A white nineteen Ninety-seven Ford Astro van was also missing hall was serving five year sentence for second degree robbery in LA. He was said to be released in December of next year. A woman's body has been found in a dumpster in. Anaheim a dumpster diver looking for recyclables found the body inside luggage suitcase, her duffel, bag dot quite sure. Anaheim police sergeant Darren Wyatt says detectives first critical task is to find out who the woman is. Then what happened there are canvassing knocking on doors looking for witnesses. They're also looking for cameras, it's a residential area. Nowadays, it's prolific for neighborhoods to have cameras. He says they also have to determine if the woman was killed near the dumpster yourselves in Anaheim corporate Carson KFI news LA county metro will hold three open house meetings with the community about the river path project that three hundred sixty five. Million dollar extension will make the pedestrian and bike path a continuous thirty two miles from San Fernando Valley to Long Beach. The first meeting will be held November eighth at metro headquarters. Other meetings will be held in Boyle heights. And may would later in November. The project is being funded by measure, m police in Santa Ana have released her Valence video of a man who shed his clothes and touched himself while peeping into a home. Police corporal, Anthony Burton Burton says the man was at the home Saturday for nearly fifty minutes goes into their ship works his way to the front of the resonant Bill totally nude and again soak gratifies himself while looking in the window three women were staying at the home as guests at the time. Burton says police responded later that day to the same neighborhood due to calls about a nude, man. Running around LA county is looking to jail off the table for kids supervisors are looking to set a minimum age of twelve years old for prosecution Hilda, so says she liked to make the age. Even older contact with the juvenile Justice system can have lasting negative, psychological and health impacts on anyone. Dozens of people talked about their own experience being arrested as kids what these kids need is more positive role models. More resources such as boys and girls clubs such as learning centers in downtown LA, Andrew Wallen Beck. KFI news. Federal officials are investigating a deadly helicopter crash.

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