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That one could go, I think Gardner is going to be off the board, but they also went corner top ten last year too. Right. They have D.C. horn coming back. They re signed Dante Jackson so that right. I don't know if they'll go over there, but maybe the simulator is just thinking best player available. Right. Although Gardner, I think is a top ten pick. So is Stanley. I have stingley ranked ahead of Gardner. Charles cross falls a little bit. That's an interesting point. I would be more inclined to think that Panthers would go Charles cross with their pick over. I would too. This is an interesting one. Because there you go. All right, Trayvon walker, Malik Willis to Washington. That's kind of feels possible, I guess. Terrific Duffy. So here's the thing. The way this board went and it could go a number of ways. But the way this board went. Early run on corners. Not a great year to meet a corner for me this way. Trent mcduffie going very high. Carl Loftus falls a little bit, and I know you've been big on that. Devin Lloyd, Jordan Jordan Davis eagles. That's my pick. I think he goes to the eagles. We got James. This kills the Patriots right here. These are four. This was a murder boy. We just said that we weren't necessarily going to trade down, but now we might have to trade down because the way that this went was exactly the Patriots worst nightmare, right? These are realistic. We're going to discuss for the 21st pick. Yeah, this is a doomsday. Of course, it's the very first mock draft that we do. And then we have a doomsday scenario. Good straight off the bat. Good challenge. I think that let's talk about it though, because you just mentioned it. Jameson Williams, Trevor penning booth alaba. I think if they come away with it and then Jordan Davis was at 15, right? So he gave us one of those eagles picks. I think 16, 15, yeah. Yeah, so all of our and Garrett Wilson. So this is basically everybody that the Patriots might want to draft just went right off the board right before we could get to this pick. This is where you look at it. In a Devon, Lloyd went 14 is another one a lot of people. Right. So this is where I sit back and I look at it and I say, if this is the way that it looks, they got a trade down. They absolutely have to trade down because the drop off now that we're at is substantial where the guy that they're going to get when they trade down, I don't think is going to be that much worse. Now the problem that you have is that if you trade down too far, then for instance, if we go to the corner, so do we want to look at the best on the board, just laid out? Sure. But I think I would much rather draft him later. Right. Lindbergh's interesting one. I wonder if they would take a job over here and see it as value pick. No, I think it's still too high because he's going to be out for the whole year. The guy that I think is interesting here, if they're going to go that position, obviously, elam, we'll talk about too. I do like Jermaine Johnson from Florida state for them a lot..

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