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Many areas tomorrow just like today lots of sun and a high of eighty two with plenty of sunshine monday still sunny a bit warmer as well as we start the new work week high eighty seven humidity though starting to ramp up on tuesday sunny to partly cloudy high ninety two looking ahead to wednesday we expect a mix of sun and clouds high temperature eighty six sixty seven right now and mainly clear humidity is fifty six percent we have winds out of the south three miles an hour gusting to sixteen repeating that current temp sixty seven going down to sixty three in midtown good evening i'm donavan wins news time at the tone will be ten thirty good evening i'm eight coppola police are searching for a female fee who was accused of breaking into upper west side apartments after claiming to be from a cleaning service investigators say the first incident happened back in april when a man found her in his apartment near central park west ninety seventh street the woman has broken into two apartments in the same building off the corner of ninety seventh street in central park west and the residents like janna are well aware that she says the woman's picture has been plastered all over the building like in the lobby laundry and mailrooms the problem is folks in the building leave their apartment doors unlocked and the thief simply pretend she's the cleaning lady walks in the brazenness of it is really so surprising i guess people were all patsies you know we all just assume that even in a big city like this sometimes we're not careful enough genesis there is a concierge in the lobby so it gives her a false sense of security carol urea ten wins on central park west and anyone.

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