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Two four two zero one hundred elvis duran in the morning show. You were talking about the big trend a lot of people in hollywood or announcing to the world that they don't bay everyday in okay well known but what about someone who doesn't brush her teeth take care of their their fresh breath every day. Now that's now that that's why smart mouth is here for people like us. The only mouthwash that provides twenty four hours of fresh breath so you can go twenty four hours without bathing. But you can't go twenty four hours with nasty stinky breath now just to rent day right daniel. We love our smart mouth. I'd do it before bad. I do it in the morning. I in the morning and i feel like it's just made i think it's made such a difference. It really has. And i like to take it with me. They have these little pouches that you can take with you. I i throw them in my travel bag all the time and have them and then the little mints that they have for dry mouth which is perfect for people that broadcast talk a lot trouble. So imagine what it's like waking up next to someone you really love and they say. Good morning i love you. Breath is fresh. Yes they be good movies because when you see those movies at the shows and they all wake up at the good buddy. I'm like had this people wake up in the morning. You can see how bad their breast things. That's why smart mouth is where to go. Do you do a wrench right before bed like daniels talking about done. You're in sold at retailers. Across the nation or at smart mouth dot com. Get smart use smart mouth and thanks to smart mouth. You're about two hundred thousand dollars. It's the free money phone tap speak caller one hundred now. A grand is yours. One eight hundred two four two zero one hundred all right Who's phone taps this. David brody let's go. Elvis durant phone tap. Here we go. Let's get into your phone tap. Today's letter dear. Elvis duran my brother. George owns a restaurant in miami. His phone company keep calling and calling to upgrade his phone plan and it's driving him nuts. You know how your phone company can be anyway. I've already laid the groundwork. Told him that they call yesterday. And they won't leave us alone until we change the plan so he is armed and ready for their call today. So why don't you call as a representative the phone company. Follow up to make the change. Watch him go nuts. All right this comes to us from georgia's brother tommy. Thank you tom for the e mail. David brody is gonna phone tap george as a representative from the phone company. Let's listen in to today's phone tap. Hi i'm calling for george speaking. Hi george this. Is ed carter from east eastgate. What is your name carter carter. Yes sir you're going to put my planning to wait was or right now. I'm calling another company. And i wanna know mr ed carter. We'll authorize you to change my. We did a business analysis of your phone usage. The business. And i am the business and i am now. Who gave you the right to change my black. This is you know times you guys call me. I am sick and tired of waiting. What exactly right now. Are you going to be very happy with the business. Elite plan interested free. Faxing free call message on all three lines way the work. I have three lines with thirty something dollars. I get my account. I get the twenty seven five hundred minutes. And that's all i want. I can't do that we already upgraded your account to the business. You're not going to change it. I already got approved by someone there. You're locked in the name. I am the owner. What you being cheap for. So you own a business. You should act like a business. Jim your supervisor cheap. Hey that's your business. okay supervisor. The supervisor that's why i'm calling. I'm canceling wait now cancel. You've got a three year contract that you agreed to. You can't sue us. Also you know listen you have a three year deal in the business elite. The first anything like that talking about. Do you have something record. Phone calls never authorized that. I am going on this account. You get fifteen hundred minutes a month. What are you talking about. So you're not gonna just gonna take you out of a restaurant. I'm telling so we're a huge company. You can't right now from our house. they're out. I don't want my house and i'm gonna bring my business so you can come in for the money. I'll take you to court sir. We'll crush you like a bug. You can't sue us you see what are you talking about okay. The fcc is for radio. Guys like shock jocks and stuff about. Who's nobody's above me. I'm on the whole department. Everyone's getting ready for the weekend. I'm the biggest. Yes buddy at mr. Did you tell me you're the biggest. You're gonna tell me that i'm greedy. Jeep what is your phone number at one. Eight hundred number. Don't play stupid with me. What is your phone number stupid. What is your phone number to changes his phone plan. It doesn't you can't sue us number. The numbers eight hundred two four two zero one hundred two zero one hundred and that'll get you. Elvis ran in the morning show. And you've been phone tapped care. Listen on the radio i. It wasn't very funny to me. No did not seem amused at all. There you go. There's your smart mouth. One thousand dollar money phone tap line. Eight is from bailey from saint clair. Bill ohio how you doing bailey. I'm good they killed. We know you're about to be better because you just one thousand dollars bailey. Oh my goodness congratulations. I know it's like let it sink in. Let it sink in thousand dollars go. Yeah feels good right. That's gonna be so helpful. Well whatever you want to spend it on. It's all up to you because bailey at your thousand. Thanks to our friends at smart mouth. What are you doing today bailey. I'm on the way to work this morning on my morning commute we'll good. I hope you have a great day. Telephone work You listened and you one in so they can do it tomorrow because we've another free money free money phone tap at the same time. Okay thank you again so much. We'll know awesome. Thank you thanks. Hold on a second there. You go another satisfied customer. Bribing them one by one thousand dollars. Thank you smart mouth. Make sure you pick up some smart mouth. Rinse twice a day. You'll have fabulous fabulous breath just like daniel excellent We gotta take a break. We'll come back right after this the morning durant in the morning show. So we're about to get into daniel's report also i've got a big announcement on the way In less than fifteen minutes straight. I'm going to announce to the world that i love the company of women saying does you know that ain't true. No my friends. I love the company of women as my best friends but not in a you know earner kind of way no but we are having a huge beach bash down the jersey shore jenkinson's and we've got big big names stopping by just to say hi some performing and you can. You can be part of it. We'll tell you all about that in a few minutes. Hang on Suspense loved danielle. Do you wanna do your report or do you want to ask Nate why he has a parasite living in his body. Really than i.

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