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Mercedes Benz. Plano newscenter pull American Airlines they still offer flights to Taipei the capital of Taiwan but the company's websites. Only lists, the airport, not the country KRLD's Mitch cards planes the morning news reports that American and other. US airlines have removed references, to Taiwan after months. Of pressure from Beijing the. Taiwan issue has been a. Long-running source, of contention between China and the United States Americans statement said in part that the company will abide by the rules in countries. Where we operate Senator? John. Cornyn said Wednesday the? Outcome is another reminder of how aggressive China is across the, globe Mitch card NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD well the Mavericks new CEO she's off to a rocky start with Dallas. Police officers CEO Cynthia, Marshall wanted to honor the five Dallas police officers killed during the ambush attack of two thousand sixteen which came after a protest Over the deaths of two black men, Alton sterling, and Falana Casteel who were killed by police officers and other. Cities across the country. During that same week but some officers. In the Dallas police department. Felt as if Marshall was blaming them for the killings. And insinuating it was all over race George, Aranda president of the national Latino law enforcement organization and says the whole thing was ill-conceived moderate issue when it's not against black and white it's it's trying. To put off in the same light that we had something to do with the blacks. Killed and that's just not the truth he says marshals should never have plan this the week of an. Officer being, laid to, rest Aranda says he is called the maths to set up a one on one. With Marshall to explain police, officer side but his. Not heard back Carol dis efforts to contact the maps. Or. Marshall for comment have also been unsuccessful Austin York NewsRadio KRLD the Cowboys they opened up with mentioned this practices begin today an ox Snark training camp you wonder why we're. So excited, about that Oh yeah I know why well it said LA. Has, to do with the Rangers quite a bit of it unfortunately? Things do you think things can't get any worse for them told you yesterday about that. Huge? Blown lead in the game because it was Tuesday. Night right they did it again last night They were head five. One going into the seventh inning, Rangers were against the as, and then ranger killer Chris Davis came up to bat he has done it again Chris Davis. Hits his twenty six home. Run of the year it is a three-run blast he brings the as back to within a run at five to four. And then in the ninth. Inning Chris Davis came up again swung on and. A, high. Drive deep to. Right, field Gallo going back near the foul pole it is out of here Chris. Davis, has done it again an opposite field home run down the? Right field line and the as lead sixty five you've gotta be kidding me that shouldn't, be? The slogan for the whole season And they've got one more. Against the as denying knows what's, going to happen I tell, you what's going to happen coming up after traffic and weather together on the aids we're going. To give away a four-pack. Of Rangers tickets that'll be fine.

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