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There's some more room out there and he's tripped up finally, but gets a good game down to the Penn State 42 yard line. Uh, Joey Porter stops him, but a gain of seven will be second. Three. Joey Porter got whacked. By Ben Mason out there and still was able to Nick just the lower leg of Chris Evans to get him down. Evans gets it again tries left guard behind Keegan. He gets stopped at the line of scrimmage, so we Call it 32. You may have gotten a half yard, Tony and Isaac in there on the stock. And by the way, if you're going that name Joey Porter sounds familiar. He is Joey Porter Jr. And of course, his father of All pro player with the Steelers and Heck of a football player, and so is his son. Redshirt freshman is the real deal. Haskins gets the football tries to get it on a third down and too, and he'll be stopped behind the line of scrimmage. Left side of the line that Lance Dixon, who is out of West Bloomfield, Michigan, played for former Michigan wide receiver Ron Bellamy. There he's now at Penn State. He makes the stop fourth down and too As Michigan so that first down run of eight yards go a glimmering were unable to convert and they'll kick it back to the nick the alliance. Robbins will kick it deep. Sure Penn State is yelling among themselves. Watch out for the fake. This is prime territory for fake. Snap goes through to Robyn's Robyn's end, over end kick going for the corner. It'll hit at the 15 yard.

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