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Don't have any you know what i mean it's where you're at is where you're at and so one of the things i wanted to do is ask them about what do we really know like how do we know the resurrection really really is true so that is coming up next at eight thirty two and i'm gonna follow up by asking eddie gossage the same questions where they're red is i'm gonna ask any gotcha gossiped about as president texas motor speedway about the big race coming up in a week and a half about oh bret michaels performing who he thinks is gonna win coming up at the early auto parts five hundred at texas motor speedway and so much more at eight forty fives we're jam packed y'all hope you heard the segment the last segment about stormy daniels it is just she's she's gonna it's going to be very very bad for so she tried to sell her story in the runup to the election nobody wanted to buy it nobody thought that he would win and then so she then accepted trump's offer of one hundred thirty thousand dollars at least cohen's offer of one hundred thirty thousand dollars and because nobody wanted to restore the hollywood executives told the daily mail today so in his marquette ago said yesterday on cnn she's gonna lose all this have to pay back everybody's expenses including trump's and my thing is that what they're really hoping force or turn he's gonna make money off of being her attorney percentage and then she's hoping to make probably a million or two more or so then then she'll have to pay out the sad thing is she's she's not she's not going to do that she's gonna end up owing more minded than she makes in this and yet the world will have seen her men dressed as trump heffer away heather way with her on television on their computers and tv's all over their homes which is even more sad in the person's really suffering well she's going to suffer but also four year old daughters gonna suffer terribly and her husband who's a fool by engaging in pornography as well and by supporting his wife doing this they're all gonna regret it i hope they turn over lethal newly thought of the senate wish harm on anybody but she's so she tried to shop it around nobody wanted to buy then she.

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