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C. suppose accommodative on average score forty fifteen K. T. this is we go on I don't feel like laying more than three touchdowns on the road a lot of Georgia lap I am in the ground natural become a you know a trendy city to travel to and carrying out the the it's a pass for me yeah it's a tough one when you start seeing better than three touchdowns total fifty seven fifty seven and a half up to fifteen have some places of the total but a point a half swing there one place to the other so depending on what you want make sure you get the best number Pittsburgh there at home or do these guys he's still there but he's got to change things quickly now he brings back can you take it his quarterback French in mac pretty good receivers coming back defensively he's got some decent guys but were shot weaver he is out for the year that's a big loss for the defense there for pet only guy on the offense of line back is a good one and Jimmy Marcy but they lost running backs quadri Alice in as well as Darren hall those two guys twenty three hundred fifty seven yards and twenty one touchdowns gonna be tough to replace that do meanwhile for you know a Virginia team Bryce Perkins is ready to go is a little bit banged up but here's a kids' refer twenty five touchdowns nine picks rushed for another nine twenty three and nine touchdowns PK tired your apparent there in the backfield four linebackers are back including Jordan mac inside linebacker very solid and snout and Snyder is well eight defensive starters back for Bronco Mendenhall is doing a nice job there I think Virginia is the best team on the coastal side of the ACC I think they're better than Virginia Tech on offense and so that's why I like them to win that half but they'll have to take care of business add pigments and never easy to open up on the road it's a proud program I just don't know if it's going to be able to score points they usually play decent defense are tough in the trenches at home but they have trouble scoring at times and Virginia to me with Bryce Perkins a dual threat very consistent last year yeah this is one where the markets a sharper and and then then when I was fifteen twenty years ago I mean a team that won the coastal division your ago and they're at home they're defending division champs they beat Virginia on the road last year and yet the market has Virginia and the the the correct team favored in this game but I just I I think ten fifteen years ago it's for the least lane for a year I like what Virginia brings back I like the job rock on mine and I was doing there I like Bryce Perkins I like the defense a person now and again I think Pittsburgh's overrated but with that being said I don't feel like laying points on the road in week one of the conference matchup update on the ridge that you for the Toyota towns were were now thirty one twenty one Colorado up by ten per do leads Nevada thirty one seventeen wolf pack right now a second intent on the produce thirty eight a score any type of score there for Nevada could get them at least to the number with a field but more than likely with only ten minutes to go the trying hit paydirt keep an eye on that game single are and the Purdue offenses really slow down in the second half the play for Brad powers he got the number early Missouri going to Wyoming to take on Craig bowls pokes showing chambers his quarterback validate in the backfield three back on the offense of line review business kid one of the receivers defensively couple linebackers that are outstanding but Logan Wilson the best of the bunch no question Tyler hall Antonio whole pretty good in the secondary there for Wyoming is force for Mizzou barrio them it's the transfer from Clemson in Kelly Bryant Larry Rowntree the third this guy over twelve hundred yards eleven touchdowns on the ground Albert an outstanding tight and and they've got Jonathan Johnson as well pretty good receiver three back on the old line including left tackle use here to rant leading the way on defense cal Garrett he's a tackling machine a hundred twelve tackles last year mark is a seal anchor that secondary your take on Mizzou now the line sixteen and a half total fifty three and a half but bread you got this line really early yeah I got Missouri minus fourteen and guys if you listen to this fact met and then we want a little weird because the line's been out for several months it will be like this drug course this even though I am not brag or anything then I got back to me in a line that had a time and I have some stronger played as we move along here but and the current numbers just a lean for me here's what I saw I mean I mean I've seen Missouri be a great goalie I went Wonderland double digits let her know straight up nine into against the number average covered by fourteen points per game and check this out average score when Missouri a double digit favorite Missouri fifty five their opponents eighteen certainly burial was not afraid to run it up I like the personnel from Missouri I don't like the personal for Wyoming I know it's in Laramie seven thousand feet up any travel spot Burnett he's the team but I it's all about the Jimmy than Joe is there and how easily Missouri got a lot more will give me the tires nine eight minutes to go seven games to get in Oregon Auburn one of the big games of the day it'll be late afternoon aria Cristobal and Oregon right now catching for to Auburn at Jimmy's house in Arlington fifty six the total Auburn gonna go with bone X. over Joey Gatewood movie with low back in the backfield cam Morton as well Anthony Schwartz still listed as questionable with a hand injury we'll keep an eye on that for Auburn but all five on the offense of line back in a defensive line with co brown at Davidson that is outstanding for Oregon neighboring back all five on their offense of line a young man the dope and Gus Cumberland Cumberland or I should say both defense events they're going to need to get some pressure on the young freshman there they did lose Jaylen jokes but they have Troy die a hundred fifteen tackles his brother Travis died in the backfield over seven hundred yards or a combination with him and CJ for dell to help out Herbert as seventeen hundred fifty yards between those two in the backfield that's pretty solid jawan Johnson is listed as probable now the transfer from Penn state ten back on the offense for Oregon this could be a good game I I I I know it's SEC over pac twelve so you lean SEC but I'm gonna take.

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