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Jodi. Leone joined by chris flunk to poor. Today's film break down episode after the giants. Victory their second straight win and win over the philadelphia eagles. We had some time to look back at the film on monday. We have some very interesting takeaways. We're going to discuss some key things that maybe you didn't noticed during the game and a little bit deeper than some of the general headlines that came out of the second straight win for the giants third win of the season. Chris the first thing. I'd really want to address here. Is what appeared to be after watching back this this performance the eagles coming in and assuming they could do whatever they wanted to establish dominance they. They came into this game thinking. It was the same dysfunctional giants that they were over the past few years. They didn't have to put much effort in and they would somehow find a way to easily win this game a little bit similar to how things worked out the last time. They played some of the things that really stood out to me was james bradberry their willingness to throw in his direction way more than some other teams do and then a lot of off coverage against darius slayton. That wasn't the case. Though they came out flat they thought they could just coast their way through this victory but the giants came out swinging it. Yeah they did you know. It almost looked like the eagles were still on their bye. Week and granted given the recent history. In this rivalry. You could see how they could think stat but honestly he did not look at all prepared to play this game at least outside of their defensive line which is the thing we'll get to but there were a bunch of units all across the eagles roster where they just looked flat. They did not look prepared. They did not play well and they had a ton of penalties miscues mental mistakes and they did almost as much to beat themselves as the giants did to beat them right now. Is the big thing that we had previously discussed on the quick take show. It felt like a lot of the issues that the eagles were dealing with. Were them shooting themselves in the foot. But now take this. This look deeper. They just look underprepared. They looked like they assumed that this was an easy coast win that they are in the driver's seat for the nfc east end because of it because they're the best team in one of the worst divisions in the nfl. They could just walk over the giants with their game. Plan another thing that also really blatantly stood out to me is how they paid such little attention to the giants. Run game. i we gave props to the giants offense of line for blocking really well on these rushing plays and i don't want to take away from that. I don't want to detract from that. But it was very clear. They assumed with their base defense. They could just stop this giants rushing attack. And because of it jason garrett put the pedal to the floor and said we are going to run the ball down your throat up the middle the entirety of this game and it worked really well. They picked up a lot of really big rushing plays because of that and that willingness by jim swartz just come out and play. This really soft defensive game plan. I think was the biggest reason why the giants were able to do better than they. Typically do offensively. Yeah i don't wanna say they played a lot of light fronts because Nfl next gen stats with their player tracking. They they keep track of. How many heavy fronts or eight plus man defenders in the box a running back season winged almond actually saw eight defenders in the box on half of his runs. However the eagles linebackers were just not coming up to fill their gaps. They were not playing downhill. You know almost all game long. It seemed like they were just kind of standing in one place at the second level. They weren't quite sure what to do at any one time. And gaughman hits the line of scrimmage so hard so fast that he was through the whole before they could even think about coming up to fill it. Yeah exactly all all. That stuff helped this giants offense in their performance. They ran the ball so effectively and are one offense of point that we wanted to discuss today from watching. The tape is a much better performance from daniel jones and we wanted to break down why he might have had one of his best games of the season. So per pro football focus. He was the highest rated player. Yesterday for the giants he also had a tremendous day throwing with a clean pocket. He was eighteen for eighteen throwing with a clean pocket. So that's another thing too. They were the eagles did not have an intent to attack daniel jones. They made very minimal effort to cause some serious disruption. They were trying to bank on their original four man front to do a lot of that work. Eighteen passing attempts with a clean pocket is a lot of passing attempts to not be seeing pressure so because he had a much cleaner day he had less guys coming at him he was able to be a little bit more relaxed and on top of that he was able get the ball out a lot quicker than usual. Yes and a part of that is due to the eagles coverage calls like they were playing. A lot of off coverage is a lot of soft coverages. Unfortunately at the time we were recording this the the. Nfl hasn't released the coaches tape. The all twenty two tape yet so. We can't actually say where the eagles safeties were. I'm confident they were on the field but they did not show on most of the tv angles so they were very out of position to do much of anything. I can sort of understand the soft coverages after the giants. Burn them with the read option in the first game and you wanna be able to have your secondary imposition to have. There is in the backfield but with playing against receivers like the giants have sterling. Shepard darius slayton golden tate yet giving those guys three releases not doing anything to disrupt their routes it. That just makes it way too easy. Yeah there was limited disruption and we talked about. I mentioned very briefly earlier. There was a lot of coverage. There is a lot of soft coverage in that allowed for a lot of quick cuts by receivers hitting a lot of really simple short routes. That was big. And i. I also noticed a willingness by daniel jones to hit that that i check down option before he chose to wait for things to develop downfield some of the biggest issues that we've dealt with with daniel jones and that is frustrated. The hell out of us is watching. Daniel jones back sit in the pocket in wait too long for plays to develop downfield them not developing and him getting hit or them developing but because pressures coming at him he throws off platform leading the turnovers instead he was hitting some guys that were running..

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