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The maiden in January at parks came back a couple of months later allowance when now as blinkers. He's one two races in a row. Oh and Guerrero ads the blinkers. This is actually a cold. I'm just looking down the hard spun out of Yawkey Way. Remember Yawkey Way. If I'm not mistaken she was a New York Bred Yawkey Way and it was pretty good Bethlehem road for Donald Michie the third the quality road of decrees that one the parks spring Derby went to Ohio for the Ohio Derby and and faltered ended up beaten quite a ways ultimately after attending the pace and there's going to be plenty of pace here so far everybody we've discussed is a horse that wants to be honored near the lead and then Muccio Guzzo who actually showed some rating ability really seriously for the first time in the affirmed Gustavo Joe Talamo comes to ride venom on an every single start for Michael Peterson and Bob Baffert baffled looking for one of my was ninth nine Paskal who can keep track of his weaknesses Haskell's ever fast for Dale Romans. Maybe the beneficiary of the fast pace and maximum security draws the seven and that intrigues to say the least because Lewis I as does he have to have the lead. You know there's a there's a moderate amount of territory from the gate to the turn but there are literally five horses inside inside of him that you may gain may want to gain forward position and if Sayas and Jason Service absolutely lutely are going to demand lead in here you're going to have a prompted scrum into the first turn and when scrums arise maximum security is as has not been the the greatest rugby player ever the scrum the scrum to back was an undoing doesn't didn't really need to be a bigger field to make this any more interesting that it is the Dot Com Haskell Invitational D._V._D.'s twentieth anniversary. There's been a lot of that poll among horse players. What what was the most momentous? What's the most momentous anniversary this week or right now in your lifetime the moon landing or the founding of they both were technological achievements in in light of having a co host? I gotTa Make Myself Laugh. I guess I the king for a day job. You Spun Bethlehem Road Mutual Gustavo ever fast maximum security. It's on this is this is fun and of course the whole the whole card it didn't it didn't come up overly deep top to bottom <hes> in terms of you know in terms of the stakes card there's. Some very good races though and those that that showed up and certainly no shortage of stars I mean that part of it the visit Darrow certainly midnight zoo. You know there. There's there's some serious star power the MONMOUTH Cup cold front the ever popular war story and then. Let's see the matchmaker one of the fun historic races competition of ideas coming out of the New York. We're Home Rick Beater SEF chairman and Chad Brown Chad's got a couple here and there on the card Graham motion are no delacour local powerhouse house Kelly Breen who's having a tremendous summer Kelly who we frequently talk to he frequently turns up. He's got Valedictorian in the matchmaker then.

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