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In My question was when I was doing the researches. You were training out in Vegas that you were still fighting over here and WNYC sure how how that working out. I just have a good fan base. You know these local promoters. They need to sell tickets. Man and you know having I have a strong fan base in Michigan I. Mean Keep this in mind like I fought in California. I fought in Scotland. The UK I on India I fought in Las, Vegas like but out of all the place I thought you know, I feel my biggest fan base is in Michigan, so come back the W.. W. F. C., one, forty, five on champ, WGC one, fifty, five on champ, not of UC, one fits five on champ offer, big John's May I love going back to Michigan and mostly, because it's a free vacation, I get to go out, fly out, Thursday fight on Saturday and then got not. That wasn't make a lot of money, but I've made a couple grand. My sites and State Michigan for weeks. Families see see my son, so you know what it came down to that it was it was financed decision I basically get a week off work and I get paid so. Yeah absolutely that makes perfect. That's and that's when we were kind of having our little pre show talk. That's kind of what I was assuming as being a hometown boy. It was nice to be able to travel back and get paid for it. Yeah, it's not like I mean I fought for the WNYC. Know three times in like two years T. W. C. three times in the last six years. It wasn't trying to. To from every weekend, but like I said no once or twice a year. Come back, get a payday day. Get a week off works. You know after I get after I fight I can. I can go home, and if you know, if is in the fall I could go deer. Hunting is in the spring. Do some Turkey hunting spend time with family spends out my son, and now is the most important parts me. Absolutely, a mix in that makes perfect sense to i. mean like you said being able to just head back home as it's. It's a nice change of pace once in a while. Yeah, absolutely, no question. Already run. was. Coming into the UFC. How big the how big the boost did you feel on social media's with such a impressive performance to? Not only step in on short notice in, but to do it in a fashion that you did. It, you really. Really impressed, I'm sure a lot of people I know you you. You know you brought me on board. Yes, I appreciate that man, and you know the last couple of years I'm just GonNa keep it simple last couple of years you know fighting on these smaller shows, WT WC John's California approached I fought for. You can't lose it these smaller promotions man, and you know my goal from beginning of moving to Vegas was get to the U. of C. I you know I don't know I want to be the champion. You know what how much how about you know your term. TERM PRO first. How `BOUT YOU TRAIN! I, how about you fight first and then see what you can do and I've been doing this for so long as my goal. This last ten thirteen years has been to get to the U. of C.. And now that I'm here and it was the first time I'm in the back of my coach. Dennis who have been in there s Cincinnati, mature, you know since two thousand nine, and unlike Dennis, man I have no pressure right now. I'M GONNA. Go in there. I'M GONNA. Throw these hands, and if I guess out I guess out. I have no interest in wrestling. have no interest in grappling I just want to have a highlight reel. Fight the night before the fight. Dana White said he said all the fighters in a room. He's like a somebody. Tomorrow can change their life. Somebody's getting a fifty thousand dollar bonus, and that's life changing for anyone. You know no matter how much money makes fifty grand in one night is is. Is it just saying so? When he said that I was like all right? What can I do to get that fucking money and taking somebody down in in laying on him for three minutes which I could do. Interesting in now I want to knock somebody I. Want People Buzzing about my fight like they have been for the last week. So. Let's talk a little bit about that man like you know. You talked about fighting for promotions. And things of that nature man like. Tell everybody a little bit about what that journeys like fighting through those regional shows, because it's not like you were fighting bumps I mean you had quite the rivalry going with Johnny Bedford. Who was in the UFC? I mean W. Xi's brought guys in from American top team I've seen 'em. Come in from Jackson's. I've seen them. Come in from all over the place especially now that they've got at the deal. That's on a steep bypass so for those who don't know, can you? Talk a little bit about what that grind is like coming up through that regional scene and like. For those who don't know the quality, a competition that you're getting for the guys who maybe you're right on that line, get back to the UFC. And that's the thing for the WCW AFC promotes such tough fighters. I mean Jason Fisher Daron, cruickshank these are you know decline towns in Cody Stayman? All these guys have Fox there for the domestic. Cody's ranked top ten in the world right now. These offer C.. You know a top ten in the world that is you know Chaos Williams who just had another high real finished a couple of months ago. Like the WAC's season poll knees poem bumfighters like Everytime I. My last fight was against James Warfield. He had like twenty five wins with twenty knockouts I. I feels more skilled than him. Absolutely, but you know stepping in this in this reasonable promotion. He still has a punchers. Chance you lands one of my Chin Not only the night over my career's over. You can't like I said before you can't lose it. These small regional promotions expect to get the big stage so I was super stressed out about fighting. Especially after ten wins. You know fighting these small promotions because I always knew like if I lose here, I'm never getting to the big show. Never GonNA accomplish my dreams in. Wade out long enough I had enough wins. You know these smart promotions that it all paid off. Got Dancers -squitoes. A question about the to during now Do you think being in Vegas and so close to where they were holding the event Ma? Fact that you did shit. Step on short notice. Do you think? That kind of helped get your foot in the UFC, or did you kind of have the ball rolling towards where you're next? Light was GONNA, be. You know it. It just depends who you ask man like. These last couple of weeks have been so tough for me like I never thought I was going to get new. See Like I. See all my pass. Rivals I see you know up and comers getting their shot I'm just over and over just not getting my shot, not getting my shot, so I can't say the last couple weeks haven't been frustrating because again. I never thought I was gonNA give chance, but you know what I have a great management team iridium. Sports Jason Houses my manager. Guy Goes To. To Bat for me, he shows up. You know when he's supposed to do. And he gets the job done not to mention my coaching staff I got Dennis. Davis is my head coach. He's been since two thousand nine Roman is bells loved with slash two or three years? Andrew Jake Jacoby. Who's my strength conditioning coach last three years? These guys are making sure that I'm NJ ready.

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