Taliban, United States, John Kirby discussed on The Charlie Kirk Show


I think it's fair to say. The taliban is an enemy of the united states right. We'll john kirby refuses to say so. The pentagon pentagon top spokesperson declined to say whether or not america's military consider the taliban to be an enemy of the united states. Meanwhile they are calling the unvaccinated enemy. Course how dare they not take the shot even though white house. Staffers are not forced to take the shot. Jen psaki is not forced to take the shot. Ron klein is not forced to take the shot. But those are the enemies. Of course john. Kirby refuses to say whether or not the taliban is an enemy of the united states of america we are living through a national trauma right now. National trauma is a concept that has been well developed in psychology and social psychology. And it really of takes a look at the mental toll or the psyche of a nation. Now we know how unserious a nation we are when we see stories like this lease these stories where twenty three thousand students and staff in atlanta are forced to quarantine because a couple of students got the chinese corona virus. Twenty three thousand students. That's not a serious nation. Just not but what does this mean. Or what is this communicate. Or what does this tell us about our ability to defend ourselves. Do you know what's been really interesting as i've been watching the news coverage and people about the taliban taking over is that people are not worried that the taliban is gonna come to new york city anytime soon. There might be some worried that they'll come across the southern border with weapons but instead they're disgusted that people that are that degenerate that are that week could overthrow something that we did so quickly. And i don't think we even understand the significance or the damage that this has done to teenagers right now. That have never seen the great country that they sometimes hear whispers about. They're not taught about it in school. By of course not why would they be taught about that about in schools but now when they are going to start to see the the saber rattling from china they're gonna think do even have the ability to do that. They now are going to think of the image of the taliban taking over the entire capital around the table staring into the camera and taunting the americans. And how do americans respond. We'll new reports out today. Show that we are now negotiating with the taliban asking them for help and support to try to get americans out. The taliban in fact has come out the goat hurting perverts. From the sixth century they have said that biden's august thirty first withdrawal. Date is a red line here that they are drawing red lines. They are calling shots. Meanwhile if you look at many democrat commentators they have pictures of the taliban that say they're taliban and they have pictures of trump's supporters that say our taliban that's how democrats view they view you as the taliban michael moore has said this by michael moore is a very serious person but he is influential lot of followers they will use military assets. They already are against american citizens very soon. The story breaking today as i mentioned is that the taliban has told america that if they don't get out of the country by august thirty first there will be consequences. Cut twenty two. Stephen colbert calls trump voters the taliban he says. Why should our soldiers be fighting radicals in a civil war in afghanistan. we've got our own on capitol hill. Play twenty two. We've had troops there for twenty years. They fought they sacrificed their families sacrifice. So that we wouldn't have a terrorist attack in america planned in a foreign country. Why should our soldiers fighting radicals in a civil war in afghanistan. we've got our own on capitol hill and everyone applauds. Meanwhile the former head of the nsa ex cia director he ran the nsa from two thousand six hundred thousand nine general michael hayden. He called trump's supporters islamic militants and said on twitter that he would support sending trump's supporters to afghanistan to meet their fate. There's people that still get intelligence. Briefings the us national debt is expected to approach eighty nine trillion dollars by two thousand twenty nine real inflation rate is estimated upwards of ten percent. We are going backwards and soon enough. The one million dollars. You've tucked away for your retirement. Might not even last you a year because debt is now growing faster than the economy and the administration in washington proposed another six trillion dollars in spending. The situation isn't likely to improve anytime soon. Uncertainty is back or did it ever really leave. Trust our friends at noble investments. They can help you make the right play. Download a free gold investment guide at noble.

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