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Blake was able to get them and get the ball to the to the offense of weapon to build a take advantage, two things about New England's defense that you should know Logan, Ryan, the corner he can be had their linebackers in man-to-man have never been good. So if you play all that man to man and you can get the ball to your running back to your tidy and take advantage of their lack of coverage skill at their linebacker position. That is the recipe to try to beat New England. Last time, these two teams played. The one knock on Jackson was that they weren't aggressive. They came out in the second half and they kind of relied on that that lead they had and that was the end of it. And then Doug Marrone heard about this all off season long. How much of that as a player or as a coach sort of sticks you like you remember the last time you played at team and they can talk all we can game plan all off season, but you remember who they were, who you thought they were the last time he played. Does that factor in at all to the patriots off the Jags we're going to do no doubt about it because you're gonna look at everything that you. You did in in the season, two thousand seventeen, and you're going to make the corrections and you're going to say, okay, look, we're one of the top teams in the they got a great roster. They're playing a physical brand of football. You know, with Tom Coughlin there in Doug Marrone. Got great respect for both of those coaches, Doug doing a great job, but they out physical in the trenches, we always say, you got to be able to run the football and stop the run to win a National Football League. And I know it's becoming a passing league and I know and people are in three wides like sixty five seventy percent of the time now, but yelled five point eight per carry. I think they held a New England three point four yards per carry. And I know they got behind a little bit and they had to throw it a catch up and probably got away from the run game. But this physical tough athletic fast football team that, like you said, Bortles he's playing for all the stuff he's been through. Yes, and all the joke. He's taking the criticism that he's taken over the last four or five years. This guy's playing lights out and the pats game plan was clearly did. Not change with the news for net was not going to play. They played the Jags as if for net was back there and they thought that was going to get thirty carries let right. They were jamming the box, almost the entire game, daring. Blake Bortles to beat them and the Jags pivoted intelligently. One other note for the patriots. You mentioned slow linebackers. Logan. Ryan can be had week one that d- line in the front looked very good. They were playing one of if not the worst offensive line in football in Houston. We do. They're playing a Jacksonville team that by the way during the game lost their left tackle, but they sell of Andrew norwell. They're big free agent acquisition that offense blinds on the strength of their team and Bortles was clean. The whole game New England could not even pretend to fabricate a pass, rush that now we're at least moderate concerns for New England offensively at all three levels. Can they get a pass rush? Do they have speed it linebacking core? And do they have a corner other than stuff on Gilmore that you actually believe in those are all things. Watch how many question. We've seen these guys in this predict the plate. Let's not write off the patch. No doubt. Always. Thanks so much for today. This morning coming up, how has Ryan Fitzpatrick keeping the magic alive? It's magic. It's neck. No first things. First. Welcome back to the eagles loss in a minute, but first Jaguars wide.

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