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Start Morgan hill, forty eight San Jose, fifty two sunny in San Francisco and fifty seven fifty eight in Antioch. And partly cloudy and Penn grove inside Oma county where it's forty four. The side of the warmup begins today and in the weekend. We're going to warm things along the coast into the seventies upper eighties inland. I'm Armstrong and Getty on K G O eight ten and streaming online at Caja radio dot com. Now Armstrong and Getty on KTLA, eight ten. Crew. I'm I'm going to root for the final four as they have won the brewers eleven straight games. They have they haven't won a league title in thirty nine years or something like that. I've been to Milwaukee Brewers games at their stadium stadium their old stadium. They're beloved sausage races. Consumed quite a bit of Milwaukee's brew as well. Not there. I was a child when I saw the brewers will. I'm just saying in general, but true. Yeah. Absolutely. Yes. I am the man who made Milwaukee famous drinking age was eighteen when I was eighteen spend some quality time in Wisconsin. And I used to have Wisconsin accent. I remember when I moved to Kansas and people make fun of my accent. Apparently went away. So obviously, Kanye west shown up the White House was the topic of conversation for your late night shows. The number of them took a shot at making a humorous comment upon that sounds like a late night joke off to me. Will grade the jokes in the low grade getter will be banned from comedy for life. Today guys, President Trump met with Kanye west at the White House. Told me ten years ago that Trump and Connie would be meeting at the White House. I would have said oh my God. Because president..

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