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Brandon Oliver, Rodney, Philip Burgers discussed on The Dave Ramsey Show


Fifty four carries for nine hundred ninety seven yards and tim rushing touchdowns he's also a guy that rivers likes out of the backfield forty one catches on the season last year for court for four hundred nineteen yards and two of those went for scores we will see brandon oliver as the backup rodney back five ada to await the fouryear pro at a buffalo missed all of last year with an achilles tear but he's a very productive guy when healthy philip burgers a quarterback like he always says five and 228 this is this fourteen th nfl season at if north carolina state last year three hundred forty nine completions out of five hundred seventy eight attempts third for forty three hundred eighty six yards thirty three touchdown passes studied a careerhigh mark there one interceptions met the national football to rating of a hug written fifty two on opening drives for the season 43 of fifty four and open dopey drives for six hundred twenty nine yards he had six touchdown pass yards he was second the nfl turley only matt ryan who had 17 for the atlanta falcons he's the lights out on opening drives for the chargers last year has passer rating up one hundred fifty two on opening drives for the season 43 of fifty four and open he drives for six hundred twenty nine yards he six touchdown passes did not throw a single interception so philip rivers you got a boot camp off his mark is a big big challenge for this broncos defense here tonight in the mile high city when we come back we'll take a look at the starting lineup tonight for the denver broncos on offense and get ready for some afc west football on this monday night match up here in.

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Brandon Oliver, Rodney, Philip Burgers discussed on The Dave Ramsey Show

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