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Plus, lots of other sneak previews and a chance to comment on my new logo draft and in the run-up to Christmas be sending all my patriot subscribers a special Christmas greeting if you're patriots subscriber. And you haven't yet put your postal address onto your paycheck. On details. Please go do that. I'll put details in my show notes on how to do that in just a couple of clicks. But now, let's crack straight on with my interview with the wonderful, Chris Thorogood, if you can while you're listening get a copy of the show notes at Jane Perron dot com in front of your eyes because there are some wonderful images that go the words in this book painted by Chris himself. So if you want to see some of those do check out the show notes, so you can listen and look at the same time anyway with the interview and let Chris introduced himself names, Chris and on a botanist at Oxford University botanic garden, Chris I've got your book with blown sitting on my desk and a soon as this arrived. My children were like. Ooh. What's that? Ma that strange plot on the front of that cool looking book, I think this is something that will appeal to anyone who's ever kind of watch the horror movie and become a bit alarmed by crazy monstrous plants or as ever written off plants as being boring because actually this book is brilliant piece of work showing us. How fascinating plans can be the first thing that struck me was the rations. You did these illustrations yourself. I did Jane. Yes. I did. Is this are you a professionally trained illustrates was this a personal passion always painted ever since I was very small? I'm sort of something that runs in the family my father used to paint as well. And it's something I love to do. So I'm very fortunate in my job that I get to see a lot of beautiful plants in natural habitats. And I have this sort of burning desire off your I see them to try and capture some of that beauty on on canvas. So something that I suppose it's a bit of a hobby that I've managed to incorporate into micro, and why was it that you wanted to about weed plants rather than any other kinds of Plum, I guess this is the sort of.

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