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That. say my age group. I'm at the point. Nine nine six. That's if i get infected. What is my actual chance. infection or dying from the corona doom as a percent of my age group in the total population. You have to add four. Zeros printer on how old your how many zeros. I believe from my age group. You hat to add four zeros to the point nine nine six which would make it point. Zero zero zero zero nine nine six jay. I'm horrified aren't you. I don't know if i'm gonna leave my house ever again. Mr barrett did reporting on monday a box office attendance. The new halloween kills movie. And someone should have killed. It grows fifty four million dollars. all right miniature played. What's your point last sunday. Night my son decided he was going to go to the movies and he went to the local. Cineplex got Ten screens in it Is it where it's open. People strolling in air like like like like the doom never happen. Some people have mask on but it's not mandatory football games last weekend georgia versus kentucky ninety four thousand people packed into sanders and field. I didn't see a mask. And i watched that old game then zia mask. We are finished the same people that have not joined the doom cult. Religion are finished with this the only thing that has transpired is like the ratchet effect the government is identified a crisis it created. It was fake crisis. It swooped in claimed all sorts of new powers to deal with it started administration in using those powers and then committed large portions of the population to getting used to it and it will never give those powers back there. Look you're no governor is ever going to get his emergency powers back. He's not going to give them back not going to happen. You wanna hear another biden. Where did you hear this one here. Maggie digital media founded six so regime later buying his ex. Well what do you say to people that are pointing out there. Colin powell was double jab and and was infected with coveted and died even vaccinated mike. What they're saying about my buddy colin powell and he was my friend passed away. Colin powell was vaccinated. He still dying well. He knew he had serious underlying conditions. It would be difficult. He clearly would've been gone earlier. Had you not gotten the vaccine had not gotten the the shots but my generic point is. There's so much misinformation. Yeah from you you just gave misinformation. How could you possibly know that he clearly would have suffered more. Had he not gotten a jab who even said something like.

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