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But not everybody does. If you recall we did quite a bit of work. You know. I i did. For over a year. I had a personal coach. Dina crowder and She was exceptionally helpful. Came on the show many time. Yes and she talked about Archetypes and that each of us have nine archetypes in two of my critical archetypes were the explorer and curiosity and the curious person clearly. This show anybody's listening to show more than a few episodes. Know that you have to do. And i tell people when they say what kind of show do you have and they say well look at the episode titles might either my podcast titles on my blog. Titles and they're all over the map. It's just whatever. Charlie is interested in curious because he's a curious person and i think if you have and willing to explore lots of different things i did in the show. You weren't sure where it was going to have the time. Not sure the interviews are gone but you keep exploring the issue in question and whatever breaks curiosity in your mind and i think that's what creates this serendipitous sort of life is a curiosity and openness to observe and to evaluate something different. Something you never thought you would be interested in. I never i always thought. I admired charities but i never thought i would. I couldn't see myself involved in any kind of chair. No power possession or prestige involved in charity work no power prestige none of those three. Ps that we all strive for and we've all been taught to do that. He you know. Let's take that back there. Those sends are true in charities as well. While ben and i see many of the people working charities are all about they want power and control. They they want to be known as the best one and maybe not possessions. But it's powerful very much but as you know centuries of avalon's teaching me all the time now it's about selflessness and it's about humility and i.

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