Presidential Election, Maria Martin, Congress discussed on Studio 360


Watchdog agency its if these absence of the director the deputy director takes over but that is not how trump white house senior administration officials said allows president trump to pick his own interim leader for the agency trump says his budget director mick mulvaney has been an outspoken critic of the agency is now in charge democrats seitz deputy dragged the andhra english who is a holdover from the obama administration the controversy seems destined to end up in court but for now it's unclear who is actually in charge on monday morning miles parks and pure news washington russian president putin has signed a law enabling his government to register international media outlets his quote foreign agents as npr's leash and kim reports from moscow the law is retaliation for the us justice department's register and russian kremlin funded tv channel r t as a foreign agent under the new law the russian justice ministry can demand any international media organization to register as a foreign agent wither received private while government funding from abroad rtk focus of the justice department after the us intelligence community named the tv channel as part of a russia to influence the 2016 presidential election the kremlin has denied the charges but says it will adopt we supercool measures to whatever action the us takes npr's lucien kim and moscow honduran voters go to the polls today in a controversial elected for that nations president congress and three hundred mayors maria martin report nearby guatemala the three leading candidates for president of honduras include the incumbent one orlando at numbness of the national party until recently hunter is this constitution did not allow for reelection god in fact in two thousand nine than precedent monroe salaya was ousted for calling for a referendum to change that but his supreme court handpicked by a man this back the reelection prohibition atlanticist top two opponents include sports broadcaster southern australia who heads up center alliance.

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