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I mean i'm gonna get into more orlando go just because we even as a kid loving disney movies they unit really see any latino characters lira that was pronounced nonexempt they were secondary yeah they weren't like they didn't have a lot of detail to them in his sake will like pete you would still like i put this in a cost by kind of situation because that's how i always do like i want to be this press of rowing i wanna do this in other older i could also cost play so i could caze experts and so i was like you wanna caused by a someone that looks like you and the fact that now cocoa as a thing people who go to disney 23 up and costly as cocoa characters which is amazing and i love it so much at his yet and another a quote that i took from there that really resonate at with me flies from barry jenkins who roe who directed moonlight vows the another great movie he said i remember going to seen a c wonderwoman and hearing women cry at this big action extravaganza and something clicked and i'll say it this is what white men fill all the time and all the women are having the experience for the first time so again with representation and finally like having the same thing that men have always had with your action heralds like when i saw that movie idea cry at the moments that if you had 'cause it was just like oh my god is strong female doing awesome cool stuff so creating that put in this perspective yet i never like thought of it like is this what guys go through all yeah like it's is insane yeah like because they is like is this a weird that we had to go through this for so long that now that it's happening now were almost all adults technically yeah the like this is which all been going through your entire lives and now we're finally getting to do this in 2017 twenty 18 yeah it's been so long movie business has been in the like go.

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