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About that charity said I was a bragger is like just right. Just trying to live up to the label Spurs flashback coming up before 6 30 right now, Traffic and weather construction work in the West Side has that connecting roadway blocked flue port in traveling north found at 1 51. Also, construction work continues 60 before traveling. L found between 35 definite 78. If you see any traffic problems, call the traffic tip line. 210 75 26 Year one. I'm Ellie Aaron NewsRadio. 1200. W O A. I Party Cloudy. Partly sunny today. High of on Lee 53 were it 30 degrees this morning? Way will begin in the morning as we always do back in the day on the day this day, the 12th day of January. It was one it. What? You just scored another Devante. She just got another time with a broken finger. Just looking. Wow. Oh, dislocated just located. Well, you know, I watched him all year long. A lot of times He only needed one hand. That's the truth. 1910, a couple from China became the youngest parents in history. Find a disturbing We're both still Children miss sells. The dad was nine and the mother was eight. You're gonna have to go back to your eighth grade biology book to figure it out. 1966 the one true Batman, Adam West, First done is tight Greatly. It starts when Batman premiered on ABC. Five years later in 1971 50 years ago today, CBS all in the family premiered. 40 years ago, the original dynasty premiered on ABC. Ran for nine seasons. Uh, next time I see a dynasty episode will be the first time 1998..

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