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I i think it will be amazing to watch the changes that are being made right now in the white house i think kelly is general kelly is absolutely amazing the president refers to of his chief i assure he did not referred to ryan spree this as chief a k and dad this is a fourstar general from the marines he he walks at talks and sounds and looks and probably even smells like a fourstar general and that's something that donald trump has tremendous respect for and i gotta tell you there are some people who a running really scared inside the white house i don't have but you know deep connections in their these days but i do know a couple of people who are in the in in the staff in in peripheral ways and one person is pretty uh well i know one cabinet member and i gotta tell you they are all impressed with kelli they're all fearful that they will be seen as expendable or that what they're doing dozen please him the chief and even though it's still going to be done john you know the president's decision any changes are gonna have to go through the president we understand that i'll tell you the fact that he's calling in everybody taking opinions and suggestions from everybody and saying that his number one priority his number one priority is to only have members in the staff who whose prior priority is to give the president the best service that they possibly can not to be in conflict with the president is amazing because they're communications up till now that personnel practices that political operations are in this answer them yeah i don't have to pretend that not a supporter of the president i have been from its inception i have a lot of differences with a more now than ever before but i'll tell you this there are people serving close to the president who do not seem to like him or his ideas and they need to be god they need to be out of there it's not about you know with steve bannon a nazi i you know that stuff is stupid i'm not going to engage in those in those policy stupidities know not policy debates this stupid but i tell you this there are people on that staff who are super busy thinking about themselves and they come in.

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