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Update you again in 10 minutes on news radio 6 10 w i o d a big let up in the rain shower activity this morning. We did start off in the wee hours of the morning with some rain showers across Miami Dade, Broward as well. But It has subsided. We've got 77 degrees right now in Weston and 82 near Miami International Airport at 802 a little bit more information on that deadly hit run. A man is dead and police are searching for the driver that hit and killed him and then took off from the scene on I 95 in Fort Lauderdale, the hit and run occurring in the North bound side. As you heard of the highway just south of Broward Boulevard. All we know so far about the victim is that it is a black male. So far. No ID has been released from Florida Highway Patrol. Juneteenth, the nation's newest federal holiday is officially being celebrated in South Florida. The official emancipation of US slaves being marked in Broward Saturday with the screening of the movie the Price for Freedom, along with the more street Memorial Walk honoring Harry and Harriet More. The civil rights activists organized Florida's first branch of the ACP P before they were killed in a bombing of their home Christmas Day. 1951 these pioneers Fourth to get equality for people who still struggling to be fully equal. Commissioner Dale Holness says the school teachers were instrumental and registering 120,000 black voters. The Miami Marlins are hosting a week of service projects. Miami Beach is installing a permanent Juneteenth plaque in Pride Park Saturday. Wendy Gershman, NewsRadio 6 10 W i. O D, a man in custody this morning after a shootout in Sweetwater, near southwest 108th Avenue Fifth Street. Please say the Waterloo Jesus. Pastrana was driving a Mercedes Benz win for some unknown reason. He opened fire on the driver of a pickup truck that victims in stable condition this morning. Police in Arizona are still trying to find out why a gunman went on a 90 minute shooting spree in several cities near Phoenix. At least eight separate drive by shootings. Four people shot one is dead. Nine others Have suffered different injuries. So foreign advisory panel to the Centers for Disease Control's meeting today discussing a number of cases of heart inflammation in young adults potentially connected to the covid vaccines.

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