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O p dot com Search free lunch 10 28 traffic and weather on the eighths to Steve Dresner, the W T O P Traffic Center in Maryland and the Laurel area both directions of the BW Parkway in Crash activity is between 1 98 and 1 97. Apparently a vehicle on crossed over the lanes. We have to bring involved. But Lena, at least we know is blocked in either direction again on the BW Parkway between 1 98 and 1 97 otherwise traffic moving well on 95 between the two beltways. No issues to report on I 2 70 or route 50 a good right on the capital Beltway Throw Montgomery County in Prince George's County. The over and Virginia one broken down in the Manassas area on the eastbound side of I 66 after the Prince William Parkway on that sex Ed 44 1 broken down, blocking the right lane, not causing much of a delay, either. A good ride westbound, leaving the Rosslyn tunnel through the capital Beltway all the way out to the front royal area Traffic moving well on the Capitol building in Virginia. No problems report on 3 95. Brian 95. It's official Smells Black Friday. Total plumbing event is extended through December. 5th call Now eat 55 49 smell or visit Snell. Heating and air dot com Steve Dresner w T o p. Traffic. Thank you, Steve. And now the storm Team four meteorologist Samara, Theodore, mostly clear out there tonight. Pretty tranquil the temperatures down to the mid thirties. Tomorrow. Highs will be in the mid.

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