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To keep going the next day and then you have to make your also having to make these competitive decisions. And i think that's one's now it's not overrated to me. I think the ones relate yale and like you said the conflict ones where they just ended up to where you're like i don't these are two animals in the cage. That cage right. I don't like the like the back of my neck is is activated like that like the my brain is like you gotta get out of here. This is bad. we don't like this planet. Yeah all reality. Tv is really a competition. Show called america's most charismatic and energetic alcoholic event is my favorite part of the bachelor is when they put all those dudes. Yeah have the the the angles for faces like syndrome will in. They're all from lincoln nebraska. A pierre south dakota and it's the only angle dude they're in they're all in the same room for the first time with a bunch of dudes that look like them in there. Will my movies usually just stand here. And they're all looking like that's my move to so we're going to have to do and you're like eh. Do stuff do steph. Give them booze then acting. Hfs stand no martin. Jake chuck can literally their name. Is jake ma. Middle names cow. Well that'll actually confuse people. Between kyle t and kyle f that are other contestants so you can be jake z. Or kyle i'm jay. I'm jay. how the power of both. I'm an entrepreneur unprecedented Let's take a quick break. We'll come back and talk about trump. I guess hails hijack from work hayes gang. No-one audible is. This is something we've advertised before..

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