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Spectrum but I found it I'm A bloody excellent and and it didn't appeal to me as much as I thought it might because when I first Considered reading it am. I was You know it's a very how well referenced book. There's a lodge number of references to ensure that the validity of the statements that might in the Boca a justifiable And I love that. You know evidence-based brushing I love science communication Being able to take data that Tom that might be a difficult to understand or difficult to interpret and making it a viable to a water audience. I'm end I'm this Autism you caught me on the Doc EMU The author Surprise me by making it. I'm very readable Bruce Pascoe Made it very very rateable and Tom and yeah I was was You know stuck to turn Learning about the things that are indigenous people did that when not hunter gatherer in nature that involved wide wide Ikea Agriculture? Maybe not in the foam that we as Europeans now. But Tom still in a valuable form nonetheless and dumb and I do think he's basic tenant that looking back in an understanding and learning and respecting that changes the way we view our country and my in some specific instances provide us with some ways to deal with some parts of the country in a better way will make sure that the linked to that bookmark and I will put it in the show night so everybody who is interested King. Click to that and perhaps Right it Deny whether it's available would auto just here in Australia. Not survivable worldwide definitely Excellent book all send you the link and are right at nine out of Ten Stars. Well not at a ten view that some sectional is nuts. I must admit I think of I'm just looking. I ever. I have five books at little side. Taibu And I'll probably read pots of all five at the marks on pep some multitasking. When I shouldn't be so once I finish one more of is in one of them. Has One new recommended box? Not GonNa talk about that. Nathan mentioned who it is that Tomlin's finish that one. Pat Saul Review it. You put podcast. Do you find it hard to breed. I struggle with them. A love rating But are really struggle with it as a veterinarian because I always feel like these that case on need to double check. That article Brandon wrote about that particular surgery topic on to refresh my memory about that. Always feel as a veterinarian. The amount of knowledge is available to me makes me and the amount of knowledge I need. Mike's makes me feel guilty. When Tom Often read things that are you know maybe for another purpose. I think what I try to do. Mike. I'm not that an my help or not. I'm probably to help. You is a try to force myself to have periods where I'll sit down and say okay to not. I'm going to read a bit of pipe and I'll sit down in my chair. Where the books next to it and try and rate a little bit and have that as a a not. When I read books or rate Lucia raid something maybe even call make And not have the telly on and not have The IPAD next to me and and have the fine of rage. I that see anyway. I tend to say forced or `isolation in the in the in the little corner where I ride a boat marks. I am and every time I might do that and I must admit I'm not doing it as regularly as I should I'm glad I did it because I think it sort of them. And get to you at writing a bit of literature or something a bit of a novel or whatever even if it's a technical journey journal it's getting sitting down and writing something rather than looking at the idiot box side and thoughts. I agree with you entirely and I think it is a bit of a are reckon. It is a bit of a veterinary Vitmain re specific problem on obstacle to a few that to struggle with this and most of us as will at as you And so we ought genuinely struggle with it. But I'll try and put your principles into place on and say I can't Get through a few more known veterinary a books to read. Excellent well with that. I think we have nighttime life to go. Let's jump into a couple of Well four new stories mark and I think you wanted to grab the first one and I think you might have a bit of a story about this. One was something about Fishy fishy something in the Irish in. Well not quite fish but You're gonNA talk about while Siam and I will Crunchies probably be insistently talking wiles for the next few months. This story is Of what the no way? We've gotten it from Brennan But I will look that up while you're chat. It's research from the National Institute of Standards and Technology and a strategy Griffith University Which looked at say wiles head? We know that Pregnant why do we need tonight? They pregnant knowing that wiles of pregnant. I'm helps us to form a better opinion of how the population is going. Because obviously you know us as Trans we know bet lift shifts and wrought shifts and if we can get an idea of pregnancy rights that can give us a good idea about tom about how these populations at changing and and even though humpback whales have made a pretty.

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